Yoni awakening

It has been exactly one full moon ago when I realized that I had to reconnect to my yoni to heal her on a deeper level. This has been such a powerful realization and with every practice that I am doing do I feel a piece of my power returning, do I feel lighter and I keep feeling a deeper and deeper connection to my Yoni. It is THE YONI AWAKENING, which is a real thing that is happening to me.

Just to share briefly about some of the rituals that I am currently practicing:

Yoni Steam – with fresh and wild herbs from the land of Mexico, deep cleansing for the tissues of the yoni and the womb.

Sacred yoni egg rituals – taking time to connect with my body and my yoni egg instead of just putting it in and leaving it in there and then taking it out after a while. Now through practicing consciously and turning it into a ritual has the yoni egg been doing deep healing on my yoni tissues and my ovaries and has been communicating to me as well while inside me, which I never experienced before.

Creative yoni expression. Yesterday I was about to go to sleep and then it overcame me, I just started to make an art piece of drawing the yoni and this picture turned into a full portal, so every time I look at it now do I receive a transmission from my yoni, the divine.

Ancient Tao Breathwork practices like the microcosmic orbit and ovarian breathing.

As well as reading the book PUSSY at the moment which I find quite amusing but as well very interesting and activating.

Sacred Self-love indulgence, I light candles and play some nice music, massage all my body parts, and take the time for self-pleasure. I always bring the orgasmic energy up and allow it to work through me.

I have to say it just overcame me, I did not even choose all of this but when I choose her she started to bring all of this into my life and I feel like everything around me and inside me is turning into yoni queendom.
She is so alive, she is so wise and she is SO powerful. I’m starting to communicate more and more with her and she is guiding me, she is assuring me which steps to take and she is making me feel safe. She is actually making me write all of this right now : )

It is not just the yoni as a body part or sexual organ but its this entire cosmic and magnetic energy field that is the goddess which is activating and which she represents. SHE IS THE GODDESS. And us woman are so privileged to have her right with us in the physical, all the time, how amazing is that?
I feel I see the world differently. I see how everything is a yoni, like all fruits they look like yonis (well except bananas we can leave that one to the guys), all leaves, all flowers for sure…. and it is not because I see it that way, it is that way! That is what I mean by the Yoni Awakening, she is starting to reveal herself in everything, I can not even help it xD

Now in the past when I connected with my womb I always connected with the red and dark magenta colors and as well the yoni was represented in that way to me, fire, passion. But I am starting to see this whole other side of her which is peachy pale colors like baby blue and light rose and it feels like being in marshmallow world. Its this giggly, sparkly energy and at the same time soft, innocent, and baby-like. Like a light pink yoni.

I feel the same sensations and hormones sparking within me as if I am in love rosy world. I feel so good with myself, feeling inspired to cook nice meals for myself, enjoying making love to myself, and being my beloved. It is as well because I finally have my own little temple home where I can give myself this space, which I was longing for such a long while.

Within that do I as well feel some sluggish, sticky bits like the energy of irritation, frustration, anger, it is the old energy of the patriarchal, of suppression and of all the time while I was not listening to her, releasing.
I am moving it out in my usual way through dance, shaking, breathwork, and sometimes just feeling it and blowing it out.

It is amazing to have her as a guide in my life so close to me. It is like having the divine mother, the goddess right there all the time. I feel I am just glimpsing into the infinite potential of all that she is going to bring to me and of all that we are going to create.

This is such an important and powerful part of life and everyone has to know this and it should be part of ALL the teachings. This is what gives life. It is our life force power.

I bow to the great Goddess YONI


Namaste Rose Hearts

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