Work with Asherah

While the Essence of my work & most of my Group Journeys are dedicated to Women, I have worked with many Men before and the transformation they went through has been astonishing.

The men that come to work with me, are the ones ready to be initiated by the power of the Womb into healing their own Energetic Womb and establishing a deeper connection to the Earth, their emotions, while stepping into holistic prosperity.

Therefore are my 1:1 Containers open to

Men & Women.

12 Weeks 1:1 Mentoring


A 12-week transformational 1:1 immersion to liberate your voice, unlock your root & womb radiance, and begin leading an enchanted life in sacred devotion and prosperity.

4 Weeks 1:1 Mentoring


A 4-week activating 1:1 intensive to embody your higher wisdom, integrate your life lessons and finally make that leap into your desired reality.


1:1 Metamorphosis Session

A 90min transformational bespoke Session for you to dive into shamanic, somatic & emotional healing as we release limiting stories & vows, rewire your energy field, and restore your natural divine blueprint.


Clarity Call

Would you like to dive deeper with me but not sure where to start? Or do you want to explore first how I can help you and if our energies are aligned?

Meet me over a Mugwort Tea on a free Clarity Call, no pressure to sign up for anything (not my style as I believe in divine alignment and I trust the women that come to me are empowered to make their own heart choices).