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Welcome Home Beloved.

We all have a holy longing. This longing will stay with us as long as we exist. Sometimes it calls very loud, and sometimes it is tucked away in the hidden chambers of our consciousness.

  Yet, one thing is sure. Your Soul will never stop calling you, long through you, and create the circumstances in life that ask you to listen.

What is it that your heart yearns for? What is it that your being calls you to remember, rise into, and embrace?

It is time to be ALIVE. With joy, with love, with passion, and follow the burning desire – to live in your purpose, to walk hand in hand with the Divine, to return home to your heart and embrace yourself in totality.

No matter what you choose, wherever you go, the inner flame will never stop calling you and create the circumstances for you to AWAKEN finally.

We came here to birth a New Paradigm. We came here to create something beyond logic, belief, and systems. We came here to live life in Magic.

Every moment is your chance, beloved…

Awaken into the Divine Human.

Let’s walk this path together.


Asherah & Gabriel


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Energy Alignment

Transform your life


A 12-week transformational 1:1 immersion with Asherah, for awakened women to liberate your voice, soften your heart and begin leading a soul-fulfilled life in sacred devotion and opulence.

Awaken the Divine Masculine

Return of the Grail Kings

A 4-month Sacred Immersion for Men to awaken their innate Kingship –   as Protectors and Guardians of the Sacred Feminine. Within first then without. The inner sacred union = Grail King Rising.

The 4 Pillars

of the School of Modern Mystics

All our offerings are established on these 4 Pillars of Light which represent our School.

Bridging Heaven & Earth

The bridging of heaven and earth is where we integrate our divinity with our humanity. It is the merging of our higher aspects and realizations of our spirit (father principle), with this physical incarnation (mother principle), to step into our purpose and to birth heaven on earth for all of life.


In order to rise high one must have their roots firmly in the ground. The Descension is a process where we go deep into the human mental & emotional patterns, assessing its origins and allowing them to be felt in order to heal them.


Ascension is the process of reconnection and remembrance of our greater self, of the spirit that lives within all. Here is where our being opens up to who we are beyond the individual and beyond soul.


We give practical and in depth information to the conscious mind that thinks in logical and structured ways (masculine brain).
This gives a holistic & integrated approach for healing, opening and maintaining a high frequency.

Feel the Love

What people say


“The work with Gabriel & Asherah turned out to be the most impactful healing experience I’ve had thus far!

Emily Bauman, Tulum MX
Session Receiver


“Gabriel & Asherah Love and gratitude from my entire being for the most powerful, transformative experience of my life.”

Chris, Costa Rica
Retreat Participant

“pure embodiments”

Gabriel and Asherah have some very wonderful, unique codes to share with humanity.  I see and feel them as a pure embodiment of source, fully integrated with nature.

Kathryn, Missouri US

“opening to love”

“Thank you so much Gabriel & Asherah. Each class has helped shift my heart/mind awareness & this heart is now opening up to the perfection of life and the powerful force of LOVE inside us all.

Rebecca, Oregon US

Immerse in

Our Mystics Journal

Diving into the Unknown

Diving into the Unknown

Diving into the unknown. What does this truly mean? As are we not constantly in the unknown? Do we ever truly know? How many times did you have an exact plan about something, a clear idea of how it will be and work out, and in the end it was totally different? For me,...

Healing the Mother wound

Healing the Mother wound

Intelligence (Pingala )and emotion (ida) rising together simultaneously for the ultimate transformation. The sacred dance of the masculine and feminine within us all. The sacred divine union within. RISING TOGETHER AS ONE… For a long time, I would utilise intelligence...

Let go of Resistance

Let go of Resistance

Easier said than done? Yes! But so rewarding if we can follow that simple saying. As when we meet life with resistance we only create friction within ourselves. The resistance itself does not actually change the situation and neither the outcome. All it does is...

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