Welcome Home Darling,

We all have a hearts longing. This longing will stay with us as long as we exist. Sometimes it calls very loud, and sometimes it is tucked away in the hidden chambers of our consciousness.

  Yet, one thing is sure. Your inner Spark will never stop calling you, long through you, and create the circumstances in life that ask you to stop and listen.

What is it that your heart yearns for? What is your Being is calling you to remember and rise into?

It is time to be ALIVE NOW in your magic. With joy, with love, with passion, and follow the burning desire – to live in your purpose and to return home to your heart while embracing all parts of yourself from your divine truth to your fallible human.

Because all parts of you are worthy of love.

We came here to create something utterly magical, unraveling our authentic, enigmatic, and radiant essence and birthing a Renaissance of living in a New Way.

Where we support one another in our differences while acknowledging them as unique expressions,

where we shift beyond dogma and let the fire of our heart move us,

where we flourish in our sacred Artistry and walk in tune with the rhythm of the Earth and our Bodies,

where we thrive in our Genius because we dare to be ourselves, living an empowered life…

With love at the center.

Let’s weave an epic renaissance, darling!


Asherah  Miriam Rose


Legacy of Love Podcast

A place where we ignite a life of magic.

Here we follow the footsteps of the earths rhythm, our bodies wisdom and visionary leaders weaving an epic renaissance where you get to be your most extraordinary Self.


Energy Reset Ritual

Awaken your magnetic radiance


A 12-week transformational 1:1 immersion with Asherah, for you to liberate your voice, soften your heart and begin leading a fulfilling life in sensuous Aliveness and your Power.

Feel the Love

What people say


“The work with Asherah turned out to be the most impactful healing experience I’ve had thus far!

Emily Bauman, Tulum MX
Session Receiver


“Asherah Love and gratitude from my entire being for the most powerful, transformative experience of my life.”

Chris, Costa Rica
Retreat Participant


Asherah has some very wonderful, unique codes to share with humanity.  I see and feel her as a pure embodiment of source, fully integrated with nature.

Kathryn, Missouri US

“opening to love”

“Thank you so much Gabriel & Asherah. Each class has helped shift my heart/mind awareness & this heart is now opening up to the perfection of life and the powerful force of LOVE inside us all.

Rebecca, Oregon US

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Unveiling the Spell SAGA Part 4

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