About our School

The 4 Pillars

of the School of Modern Mystics

We created the 4 Pillars for you to experience the embodiment of the Divine Human. In integrating the 4 Pillar process in your life, you will experience a lasting transformation that brings more trust in money, freedom of time, a deeper connection to yourself and the divine while feeling at home in your being and vibrant in your life’s journey.

The 4 Pillars of our School are the foundation of our work and weave through all our offerings. They go from descending into the root and anchoring in our body to ascending by realizing our Greater Self.
The Center of our work is bridging both aspects for a living and embodied experience as divine humans.
All our offerings contain evidence-based practices and education to support the process of merging our divine Soul and our human being.


 To rise high, one must have their roots firmly in the ground. The descension is a process where we go deep into the human mental & emotional patterns, assessing their origins, feeling them, and healing them.

 By healing the root cause, do we shift our entire reality, including our health, energy levels, sexuality, connection to our body, money, and overall happiness.

Descension takes us into the womb of life, our inner darkness, and rebirth from that space. Here we root in our body and begin to feel safe in this world.

It is a journey of reclaiming our physical reality as magnificent.

Descension is is a process of profound transformation that changes one’s life once and for all.

This process is the feminine/Mother principle of God.

How do we serve the Descension?

 By assisting the aspirant to dive deep into their subconscious and uncover the root of specific patterns and believes. We hold a safe container of love and clarity that helps one go deep and feel safe at the same time. Feeling safe is vital in this process as emotions release by uncovering wounds and traumas.

We have qualified for this through our journey of purification, holding space for ourselves, and having facilitated multiple medicine ceremonies and healing sessions.

 We have trained extensively in the shamanic arts and psycho spirituality, which deconstructs ego patterns and adverse childhood experiences. We bring forth a more profound cognitive understanding in this and the necessary tools and energy to hold space for emotional releases.


Ascension is the process of reconnection and remembrance of our greater self, of the spirit that lives within all. Here is where our being opens up to who we are beyond the individual and beyond Soul – to the higher aspects of our family of light, star origins, higher self, oversoul. It is as well an alignment with our higher purpose here on earth.

Ascension can be spontaneous, instantaneous, and triggered by a spiritual teacher through activating latent coding & DNA. However, it can also occur gradually through our commitment and devotion to the mystic path.

 The ascension process may also activate latent abilities like high sense perception, gifts of healing, direct knowing, clear intuition & guidance for oneself and others.

 On another level, Ascension is the realization of our Divine Self that orchestrates all life.

 The ascension process reflects the masculine/Father principle of God.

How do we serve the ascension?

On an operational level do we serve through our sessions, our meditation groups, and our monthly group energy clearings and activations where we channel high vibrational energies and transmit them through our being. Here we serve as a vessel, and the energy and coding that comes forth in each session/group activation vary depending on the receiver’s needs.

 On a more subtle level, we serve the Ascension by constantly transmitting energy through our speech (voice) and our energy field in all our offerings.




Bridging Heaven and Earth

 Here is where it all comes together.

 The bridging of heaven and earth integrates our divinity with our humanity. It is the merging of our higher aspects and realizations of our spirit (father principle), with this physical incarnation (mother principle), to step into our purpose and birth heaven on earth for all of life.

We come to a stage where we always feel (or most of the time) connected to our divinity while embracing our human self and life on earth.

 We can love and accept ourselves without judging our human parts and emotions but instead realize the interconnectivity between all as a divine dance.

We go beyond chasing to achieve – may it be from spiritual growth and healing to money or status – and allow all to happen in the natural flow of life. This does not mean we won’t have desires, dreams, or visions – instead, the opposite. We are finally ready to birth our dreams from a grounded space while being present on the journey. It makes life on earth magical.

 Bridging Heaven and Earth within is an essential aspect, as many spiritual aspirants are activated in their higher chakras but not embodied in their human being (by undergoing the descension), which can create various issues in physical life.

 On the other side are many beings that overly focus on the physicality and material world without making space for our Greater Self to flow in and remember why we came here.

 Therefore, balancing our lower chakras and activating our higher chakras is equally essential.

How do we serve the bridging of heaven and earth?

We create all our offerings to arrive in the space of bridging heaven and earth within. Through being able to attune with what one needs most in their evolution to integrate both aspects, we can offer the proper guidance, tools, and energy transmission.

Integration is vital in our School, and a significant part of our mission is to assist people in embodying their divinity.

 We offer concepts and teachings for a deeper understanding. All our work holds both Descenscion and Ascension for an embodied healing and opening experience.


The latter are journeys are taken through our subconscious & superconscious. The part of our being we create shifts our reality and holds traumatic memories, imprinted beliefs, and ingrained behavior patterns.

 We have to dive into the subconscious to shift them, which works beyond logic and can be understood as the feminine brain. This is also a journey that takes us into the heart and assists us in opening up the realm of emotions.

 Yet it is important to cognitively understand why we carry those patterns, where they came from, and how energy works. Furthermore, it is crucial to realize where we are still acting unconsciously to shift it and why we do so.

 Here is where the educational aspect of our School comes in.

 We give the conscious mind, thinking logically and in structured ways, practical and in-depth information (male brain).

Our education offers a holistic & integrated approach for healing, opening, and maintaining a high frequency.

How do we bring Education?

 Our teachings, sessions, and courses are always a mixture of practices and tools to access the subconscious/superconscious and education.

 Furthermore, we provide a variety of videos and writings in our blog and social media that serve the educational aspects.

Our Evolution Classes and Clarity Maps are designed to offer structured and transparent information about various topics that correlate with each other and serve our awakening & evolution as divine humans.