About our School

Vision & Mission

of the School of Modern Mystics

The School of Modern Mystics is a modern-day Mystery School combining ancient gnosis and modern psycho-spiritual & somatic tools to bring forth the return to our inherent consciousness which is love while accelerating our unique Souls expression.

We merge the arts, spirituality, somatic embodiment, and human relating to inspire a new wave of humans working in collaboration and co-creation with each other and the planet through their sacred Artistry and genius.

All in alignment with the rhythms of our body and the earth, returning to our natural essence and homeostasis.

Our approach is mystical and practical in equal parts, and Taoism, high Tantric Arts, Shamanism, Somatic Therapy, Psycho Spirituality, Gnosticism, and the path of Feminine Magic inspire our work.

Our School is categorized into multiple levels of depth and evolution, offering a holistic and full-spectrum approach.

The greater Vision of the School of Modern Mystics is to integrate offerings of embodied Leaders from all walks of life into our Curriculum while maintaining an integral focus in alignment with our core values, all to co-weave an epic Renaissance of humanity.

Our School was created on a Solstice Summer Day in 2020, and the foundations are still being layered as we lead with a regulated nervous system in alignment with our inner rhythm, following natural divine timing.

“Nature never rushes, yet everything gets accomplished.”

Lao Tzu


of the School of Modern Mystics

We welcome you into the first stages and levels of our grant Mastery and Lifeswork. 

Explore the depth and potency of our life-transforming offerings varying from 1:1 Mentorships, Online Courses, Retreats, and In-person Events below.

Led by founders Asherah Miriam Rose, Gabriel Melchizedek, and collaborating Facilitators.

Each Level offers its stage of depth and wisdom and is not built upon a hierarchical system but instead moves in a spiral motion and supports each other.

Level 1

Level 1 offers foundational teachings, tools, and practices for you to integrate into your life as you enter the School of Modern Mystics pathway.

While these are foundational and simple, they are still powerful tools and will serve you no matter where you are on your journey.

They are also an excellent way to explore our work deeper and get a taste of the brilliant banquet we provide.

Level 1 Offerings

Blood Magic

A 4 week rites of passage to harness the power of your cycle, unearth your wombs intelligence and thrive in sacred womanhood

Wielding Excalibur

Coming soon

Level 2

Our Level 2 offerings are designed to take you on a healing journey by exploring the realms of your subconscious, womb work, and ancestry while unleashing emotions and rewiring limiting patterns for you to liberate into self- worth and love.

Here, we dive deep within and examine your consciousness on a psycho-spiritual and somatic level.

All facilitators presented at our School under the umbrella of Level 2 are trained and trauma-informed, with the ability to provide a safe container as we move at a pace that feels supportive to your nervous system for integrated healing.

While this is a deep journey, it can unfold with grace and love if undertaken in a supportive and safe container.

Diving into our inner darkness is the foundation for us to root deeply in the earth and our bodies and fly high then.

Level 2 Offerings

The Sovereign Queen Initiation

A 9-week initiatic group voyage to soften your heart, reclaim your root power, and awaken to a deeply fulfilling life in Purpose and Sovereignty.

Level 3

In Level 3, we integrate your Soul and Human Self, divinity, and physicality.

Here is where we move into the world of unearthing your genius, where you co-create a new and radiant reality in sacred prosperity and in alignment with your highest brilliance that you came here to embody and share with the world.

You are invited to harvest the fruits of your lightness and ripeness and unleash your magic into the world.

We also explore the notions of your soul’s lineage, parallel lives, and the powerful gems of your blood ancestors awaiting you to move into the totality of your being.

Certain Level 3 offerings for women will take you into the realms of the Enchantress & the lineage of Feminine Magic, where we unleash our magnitude to thrive in sacred womanhood.

Level 3 Offerings

Royal Devotion

Embark on an 8-week breathtaking Odyssey for you to unearth your Wombs Sovereignty, liberate into sacred Wealth, and become the iconic Masterpiece of your own Miraculous Destiny.


Level 4

The Vision for our Level 4 offerings are facilitator trainings, for you to learn how to step into conscious, empowered, and authentic leadership and hold coherent and safe group containers.

The Level 4 offerings are only available for students who have undertaken previous courses with our School.

We believe one must be anchored firmly in the ground to lead in an integrated and embodied way.

Level 4 Offerings to come when the time is ready…

Furthermore, we offer 1:1 Mentorship and Sessions suitable for any level.

Explore 1:1 work with Asherah here

Exlopre 1:1 work with Gabriel here