Vision & Mission

of the School of Modern Mystics

The School of Modern Mystics is a modern-day Mystery School combining ancient gnosis, psycho-spirituality, somatics, and creative expression to bring forth a Renaissance of Leadership, Love, and Sacred Prosperity.

We merge dance, art, mysticism, somatic embodiment, and human relations to inspire a new wave of humans working in collaboration and co-creation with each other and the planet through their sacred artistry and genius.

All in alignment with the rhythms of our body and the earth, returning to our natural essence and homeostasis.

Our approach is mystical and practical in equal parts, and Taoism, high Tantric Arts, Shamanism, Somatic Therapy, Psycho Spirituality, Gnosticism, and the path of Feminine Magic inspire our work.

Our School is categorized into multiple levels of depth and evolution, offering a holistic and full-spectrum approach.

The greater Vision of the School of Modern Mystics is to integrate offerings of embodied Leaders from all walks of life into our Curriculum while maintaining an integral focus in alignment with our core values, all to co-weave an epic Renaissance of humanity.

Our School was created on a Solstice Summer Day in 2020, and the foundation of this great body of work continues to solidify as we calibrate our nervous system and begin to its natural blueprint while building a Legacy of Love.

Explore the depth and potency of our life-transforming offerings varying from 1:1 Mentorships, Online Courses, Retreats, and In-person Events.

Asherah’s body of work is leading women to reclaim their feminine Power, Magic, and Embodied Leadership through the pathway of ancient feminine lineages, transformational dance, and somatics.

Each Offering brings its own level of depth, wisdom, and evolution as they build upon each other in an aligned and supportive way.

The School also offers co-facilitated experiences with Asherah and her partner, Gabriel Melchizedek.

As a power couple, they weave coherent, pristine, and powerful energy together, that you can experience through their joint in-person work of medicine ceremonies and retreats.


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“Nature never rushes, yet everything gets accomplished.”

Lao Tzu