1:1 Metamorphosis Session

A 90min transformational bespoke Session for you to dive into shamanic, somatic & emotional healing as we release limiting stories & vows, rewire your energy field, and restore your natural divine blueprint.

Let’s create Magic!

Dear Soul Sister,

would you like to dive into a ceremonial space with me where we tap into the deep waters of your subconscious, allowing them to be seen and healed while bringing in your superconscious for you to unleash the well of love residing in your heart?

Is there a specific pattern that keeps coming up and you can not break through by yourself?

That is why I have created these Metamorphosis Sessions for you.

The session with me is a safe and potent space for you to feel held and seen. The energetic container is also filled with powerful energy for you to open up, allow energy and emotions to flow, and be activated in your voice, heart, and womb.
We will explore challenges that keep you from moving further and dive into the reasons behind them as trauma, blocked energy and emotions are released.

This all will serve you in gaining more profound clarity for your life and choices, gaining more confidence, trust, and embodiment of your true nature, while leading life with an open heart.

Each ceremonial session is intuitively guided and infused with multiple somatic and energy-healing tools to support you in fulfilling your intentions and living in alignment with your highest purpose.


Note: As this is a single session, we won’t be using all these modalities, but the ones that intuitively come through and will be of highest benefit to you at the time of the Session.

  • Safe Container: Be held in an pristine and safe container that supports you in diving deep and makes space for abandoned parts to emerge and heal.
  • Somatic Movement: Somatic body movement and dance practices to liberate stagnant energy, release emotions and open up your body.
  • Unedited Expression: Express your emotions and trapped energy without editing or holding back, allowing all to the surface, be seen and freed.
  • Subconscious Belief Reprogramming: Reprogram subconscious limiting beliefs and create new neural pathways to experience a divinely aligned reality.
  • Inner Child Regression: Heal your past as you find true forgiveness for yourself and others, allowing the tears to flow as I guide you safely through regression.

  • DNA regenesis: remember and heal past lifetimes & your lineage, release vows & contracts and activate higher dormant DNA coding as we go into energetic transmission.

the magic people experience!

Naomi went from being unable to unleash her emotions, self-judgment & being stuck in her mind to owning her voice & rising into her sensual feminine power and inner stability!

Freya went from feeling scattered and unable to stay organized in her daily life to groundedness, clarity and deeper embodiement in her work!

Ivy went from a traumatic experience of giving birth, heaviness, and sadness to forgiveness, deep healing and inner freedom.

You helped me through the confusion of my transformation. You allowed me to pinpoint the actual blocks to completing my metamorphosis, redirecting my mind away from the victim states my ego was preoccupied with, allowing me to re-empower myself and refocus my energy on what was really asking for it.

Dylan, Human Design Coach

If you are willing to go deep, this is the healing for you!

Asherah created a beautiful held, safe space and used a blend of healing modalities. She gently helped me to identify some core beliefs, formed in childhood which were subsequently released, along with the energetic and cellular memories; leaving me with a feeling of wholeness and peace.

Since my healing I have not been aware of those limiting beliefs or feelings again and it has also helped me to continue to work with my inner child, repairing old wounds and realising the gifts that she has always been holding for me.

A transformative experience!

Shelly, Animal Medium & Make up Artist

For a couple of months have I had weekly sessions with Asherah.

Since then has my life improved a lot, and I even quit smoking.

I visited a lot of different healers for years because of my special situation but now I finally notice I am getting better and I know I am on the right path toward becoming my divine self. 

She really works from her heart and always for my best interest.

I can recommend Asherah to everyone!

Sabine van de vouw, psychic medium & sales expert

Book 1:1 Metamorphosis Session

222 USD

Bookings for Single Sessions are currently open. I may not offer single sessions while I am holding online courses.

You will receive a confirmation email with scheduling link for your session within 24h after booking.

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Your Facilitator

Hi, my name is Asherah Miriam Rose.
I am a Modern Mystic that has devoted her life to the pathway of love. My work is influenced by the shamanic arts, the Taoist and yogic lineages, especially Bhakti yoga and meditation the star lineages and ascended masters, the feminine and womb mysteries as well as psycho spirituality with the focus on inner child work.

Asherah Miriam Rose

Want to know more?

Who is this for?

Humans that are commited to transforming their lives and are ready to make the change. As well as dedicated to put the time and energy into showing up and doing the given practices, taking responsibility and integrating all that is learned into their day to day life.

How will we connect?

We will connect over the Zoom platform.

Once you have made your booking you will receive a link from us that will lead you to your first session.

If you do not have zoom yet can you download the platform here for free:


I have more questions?

Sure. Just contact us via our contact form here.