What does it mean to be a wild and free woman?

A wild and free woman is a woman that is …

  • connected to her moon cycle, working in harmony with her cycle and honoring each stage of it
  • connected to nature, to the earth, and lives through the interconnection between her womb and the great mother’s womb of the earth
  • adventurous in nature, loves to merge with nature without fear of getting dirty, running through wildflower fields, swimming naked in cold waters, walking barefoot through the mud
  • a woman that speaks from her heart and vulnerability, but that has the courage to set clear boundaries, is empowered in her strength and in radiating it out
  • a woman that honors and listens to her yoni and understands her sexuality as sacred
  • a woman that loves to sing, dance, express her creativity in all ways and any place without holding back because of fear of judgment
  • a woman that allows herself to express her emotions and takes full responsibility for them, owning them without projecting them out
  • a woman that loves herself as she is, in authenticity and sees the perfection in her being and beauty in her body


What it does not mean to be a wild and free woman?

  • to have sex with any man that she desires in any place
  • to post naked pictures of herself on social media
  • to be able to have multiple orgasms and engage in tantra activity
  • to stay up days partying, taking drugs & alcohol not caring about tomorrow
  • to have a lot of tattoos, piercings, long hair, dreadlocks, shaved head, wearing a particular type of clothing or basically any type of external expression
  • to be sensual and seducing and get a lot of attention from men because of that
  • to speak whatever she wants to say without tuning in if it comes from her heart and if it is appropriate at the moment

To be clear, there is no judgment on any of the above at all (hence the picture that I am posting this with). I myself (Asherah) have engaged in all these activities surely more than twice in my life. It does neither mean that a woman who does that can not be a wild and free woman. All that it is reflecting is the image of the patriarchal system that has been programmed into us …


Namaste Rose Hearts

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