how has life been going for you in these times of the transformation that we all have been waiting for? Have you been able to break through the pieces within you that came with this collective event? Are you feeling the shift, the new timelines, and frequencies dropping in?
Are you still purging the old codes, releasing, and allowing the new frequencies to purify all that does not serve any longer?

It has been a powerful time for me, that is for sure. After only living together in the same home for 2 months with my beloved Gabriel is it that the lockdown started to happen in Mexico.

Suddenly we had to find our way, still adjusting to each other, still meeting each other’s light and dark spaces, on such a close space without much time apart, without much space to escape, in the midst of the lockdown.
It was a challenging and intense beginning that’s for sure. Spirit was like – okay guys no romantic honeymoon for you but let’s get right into the work!

So we took the challenge and we did…

We went and are going so deep with each other, allowing every corner to be seen, allowing the deepest fears and wounds to arise and be witnessed by the other. Sometimes in love sometimes in pain but always in return to love.

I feel that what we have experienced in the last two months is what I would call rising into love. Sometimes I was wondering why spirit had to be so hard, right from the start…
But in my heart, I knew once we go through the mixer than the true, everlasting, divine honeymoon will come.

And it has. It feels like we have found each other in a new set point, in a whole new wavelength, and a new geometry that has birthed between us. Sometimes little things come up, maybe big things – but we shift out of it together so fast – because we both know and feel that the place where we want to be, the place that we call home – is in the frequency of love. Together.

And as well do we know that what the divine is birthing through us at the moment is going to be beyond what we could have ever dreamed of.
Once again has it been and is it so true and so timeless –
only by diving into our darkness can we then fully submerge into the light.