Yoni wisdom…

My Yoni is speaking to me and I am listening. The yoni holds so much wisdom.
As I touch her, as I embrace her, as I feel her textures and infinite dimensions, is she speaking. She is sharing what has been held within for a long time, from me, from many women, from all of life. Being heard and honored by every stroke.

How many times have I not listened? How many times has it been that I have allowed her to be penetrated without her permission, without honoring her organic timing towards the opening of the gateways to the cosmic womb?

Every time I had allowed a penetration to occur unconsciously did it leave a traumatic imprint in her facia. As she was not ready and I was not listening.

And therefore where the cosmic heavens abused, as this is a form of self-abuse.
That what is the most innocent, the most powerful, the most divine merging that can be experienced through the physical realm was drawn into the vibrations of lust, was drawn into ignorance and seeking for more.

Yet was the emptiness never filled. The longing for the embrace, the inner thirst for love could never be quenched.

This is many years ago, many healings ago, many inner child conversations ago, many naked dances, meditations, medicine journeys ago. And yet was my yoni never fully heard.
What did she want to say to all this? What is it that she was holding all this time?
Like a queen, in silence, was she waiting. For me to wake up to her, to grant me the journey through the gateways of my inner heaven.

On this journey do I feel the old story releasing. From the depth of my genetic blueprint, through the skin and pores, through every cell of my yoni, as she is breathing in the life force. As she is showing me the innocence and sacredness of my sexuality within the act of physical merging with her.
The innocence of life. Wild, loving, embrace. Like a gentle flower or a field of wild weeds, it is both the same – divine.

I am SO grateful for this.

Namaste Rose Hearts

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