The Rising of the Grail Knight – Part 1

What a continual journey it has been embracing my inner feminine to deeper and deeper depths.

This abyss is endless; nevertheless illuminated for one who is consumed by the love of the Divine Mother through the courageous act of opening + surrendering + receiving the heart to the love of the feminine …

With that being said.

It has not been easy and continues to bring forth the deepest and most ancient wounds and traumas. Magnetized further by family, ancestral, collective programming to sit in the fires of transmutation with.

The wounds that have been present of late – that co-create the triggers and ripples in our field of Sacred Union … (Gabriel + Asherah)

Taking reflections or sharings in all forms PERSONALLY!

Instead of just absorbing and contemplating them – truly listen and be present ..

Being able to hold space for all that has to be reflected in shared in the eternal moment.

and allow the divine play to unfold afterwards – nothing to do or solve – just be the divine presence.

This wound was initiated in my childhood – where I learnt the program of unworthiness + thinking everything is my own fault.

Many hours spent with this wounded inner child – allowing it to feel – express – contemplate and receive love.

And this connects transmutes if one is ready to transform their wound >>>

Into the ability to hold presence like the mountain – to fully be present and discerning – to just truly listen in neutrality – and allow all to pass through without starting the fires of a trigger.

And especially of great importance when you are adhering to a cyclic relationship – honouring the cycles – of nature (menstruation).

I am continually learning the importance of being the anchor during Asherah’s autumn/ winter = menstruation.

Asherah has often also played the role of my mother (my perception and projection) – erupting from the deep recesses of my unconscious my mother wounds.

And seeing this play out is a beautiful madness.

To see me project + the transference of the unhealed aspects of my relationship with my birth mother.

She has given me a second chance to heal, love and appreciate my mother in ways I never was perfectly able.

Until this ETERNAL NOW.

As I know and feel that healing the relationships between mothers and sons is key.

As the cycle which I have observed + contemplated upon – generally an emotionally damaged mother will pass on her wounds to her son – If she carries anger towards men (rightfully so with the patriarchal of the fallen age) then the sensitive young boy will feel it and holder anger against women.

And the cycle of wounds (separation from love) perpetually continues until destruction literally ensues…

Funny how this is playing out on a collective level at the moment – with the planet as a representation of the MOTHER …

Mind is blown here ;)

So …

Again and again, do I remember the frequency of rose and the womb as the missing pieces to my wounded heart.

What is it to be a Grail Knight?

To protect and champion not only women and the feminine principle but to also become Grail Knights for our own inner feminine …

It is a reverence and courageous compassion for life.

As were we not derived in our mother’s womb? And thus the cosmic womb?

… returning to the source – learning the principles and flows of this expression of the divine presence.

The balancing of the sacred union within, honouring and embracing all uniquenesses of the masculine and feminine flows erupts the alchemy of rapture ~ divine love.

As as we live in a mirror-verse – all that happens within, ripples outwards.



Namaste Rose Hearts

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