~ You are a magnet (just like planet earth – micro ~ macro ;).

~ Every magnet has a North Pole – South Pole and an interrelated electromagnetic field (only visible to the third eye).

~ Your North Pole is your mind/brain. The South Pole is at the base of your spine.

  • You are made out of 50 trillion cells.
  • And the cells are the living entities – so you are a community, not a person,
  • Every cell in the body has minus voltage on the inside and positive voltage on the outside,’
  • Every live cell is a battery, with 1.4 volts of charge.
  • 50 trillion cells in the body x 1.4 volts of charge = 700 trillion volts of electricity in your body right now.
  • And with training and meditation, you can focus this energy called chi.
  • You can utilize this chi for healing, manifestation, aliveness, connection (the list goes on).
  • So as you see yourself as a physical entity, you are energy waves of pure potentiality, that is in perpetual interaction with life.
  • When there is a flow of energy moving through the body, just as with a magnet, there is a measurable electromagnetic field surrounding the body (this is in perpetual interaction with life – and is your individual (yet ever-connected 😉 field of pure potentiality).


Common reasons for 700 trillion volts of electricity not being utilised…{this is unique to everywhere really a pandoras box}

  • When we’re living in survival and we’re drawing from that invisible field of energy around the body, we diminish our body’s electromagnetic field.
  • In addition, when energy is stuck in the first three survival centers (chakras) because we are caught in a thinking and feeling loop, then there’s less current running through the body and there is less of an electromagnetic field.
  • Energy flows where attention goes. So our 50,000 thoughts a day + thinking and feeling loops, waste the volts of electricity (potentials – connection to life – so much more).
  • ~ Hence, the IMPERATIVE of meditation.


So what about the HEART?

~ The heart literally has a mind of its own. With as many as 40,000+ neurons, the heart has a nervous system that functions independently of the brain.

~ The strongest organ in the human body regarding the generation of electric and magnetic fields.

~  About 100 times stronger electrically and 5000 times stronger magnetically than the brain.

 Where will you make your decisions from? Head or heart.

~ Our physical world as we know it is made of these two energy fields: electrical and magnetic.

~ The heart field has the innate ability through the power of coherence and elevated emotions to influence / transform / transmute electromagnetic particles. Meaning from your heart you are able to shift the very particles that make up this seemingly physical world.

~Thus living from a heart-centered space, you have the innate ability to attract, manifest, orchestrate the life of your dreams. Embrace your radiance and be grateful for the divinity that you are.

~ Your heart field has the potential to encompass a large circumference of toroidal penetration up to kilometers wide (truly infinite potentials here if you believe). Meaning you are influencing large soups of particles. An enlightened master’s heart field extends to the size of the planet and greater…{thus the openess of your heart with alignment to the divine will = size of your energy field influencing the phenomenal plane}

~ When in a state of coherence: through the cultivation of elevated emotions and the coherent signal of those elevated emotions reaching the brain ~ thus an elevated feeling ~ the energy of that feeling sets in motion a cascade of at least 1400 biochemical changes in the body that promote growth and repair.

~ The heart field is also the gateway into the unified field of intelligence. What Max Planck called The Matrix.’ He explained that ‘Underlying everything we see – including our bodies -, in everything we see around us in the world, there is the existence of what should be a conscious and intelligent mind.’

~ Stephen Hawking, the bright British physicist, cosmologist, and mathematician, calls it “The Mind of God“; and others call ‘The Field‘.

~ Through the power of the heart, we can merge with this intelligence and allow the pure potentiality of the unified field – Mind of God – to flow through us emanating it’s grace, power, and presence.

~ When you are safe, and you feel an elevated emotion of heart coherence – the energy of those feelings sets in motion a cascade of at least 1400 biochemical changes in the body that promote growth and repair.


{integrated wisdom from Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton, and Greg Braden}.


Namaste Rose Hearts

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