Sacred Sexuality

Life is sexual. If we look at the merging of the tree roots with the earth, the bumblebees pollinating the flowers, the sensual movement of water, we find sacred sexuality everywhere around us.
Yet have we created a very limited and degrading perspective of what sexuality and what lovemaking is. Limited to the act of the penetration of the penis into the vagina.
But there is so much more to explore in these realms than just that what we have been taught throughout our human condition.
For us, as a couple do we continuously work on finding new ways of connecting sexually – it is not about the orgasm. But the presence with one another, the sweet kiss, warm embrace, and gentle touch.
And at the same time honoring the space of one another, when one is not ready to open the sexual portals.
As sacred sexuality can as well be celibacy or the act of not physically engaging with each other.
I feel nowadays is there so much pressure on society, even in the spiritual scenes, to make love, to have tantric orgasms, to merge into oneness through the sexual act.
Yet is there not so much spoken about the ripple effects that sex can have. For example, as women do we take on the energy of our partners for about 3 weeks after making love, and we process for them. This means it could bring up a lot of shadows, emotional outbreaks, irritative energy.
If we are not aware of this is it so easy to drop into identification with it and be labeled as emotionally unstable – even though we are transmuting for our partners through our wombs and possibly as well unresolved energetic blockages that were shaken up throughout the lovemaking.
That counts as well for conscious relationships. Even if we are aware of the way we make love, we stay in our hearts, we only allow penetration when both are ready for it and we consciously connect. As long as there is energy to be transmuted will we transmute it, as this is part of the energetic makeup of the womb. And this is what creates energetic entanglements.
The key here is to be conscious of this. As a woman watch yourself for a couple of days after making love, how do you feel? More irritated or emotional? And as a man, witness your beloved in those times. If you notice a difference, understand what is happening and meet her from a space of compassion. This is part of sacred sexuality, the conscious interaction with one another.
And then, to find balance. In sacred sexuality do we experience passion for one another yet is it balanced and when making the space for sexual union does it come from the heart presence. At the same time honoring the times when we don’t feel to make love. This counts for men and women.
For example, Gabriel was working through collective sexual programming, and at that time was he not ready to make love and I honored that space.
For me sometimes when I am going through a process I do not feel to open my womb to my beloved as I know it might stir up more waters within me. And he honors that space.
Ultimately is it all about awareness and asking our body and our inner authority what feels right. And trusting that we are in the perfect space when listening to our inner voice.

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