pathway to love

On our pathway to love do we encounter many hurdles and obstacles. Many initiations that can be perceived as suffering and many energies within ourselves that arise to be cleared as we keep opening to deeper layers of ourselves.

In the times where we feel unclear or where fear arises, we must always keep remembering that all that happens is just happening because it is bringing us closer to love.

Sometimes it might not seem like it and the unknown of how things will evolve and unfold might scare us. Here is where we can merge deeper into union and trust with the One path trusting that love is close, so close sometimes that we completely miss it.

But behind all the layers and energies that keep opening and moving through our systems in the form of thought, emotions, physical sensations, is one great force calling us, shaking us to wake up.
And once we pierce through those veils of illusion that create separation, create perceived suffering we shall realize that it was all for the greater good of ourselves and all of life. But we must allow the process to continue and we must allow the deeper merging with love to unfold without resisting life.

And return to love.
I love you and we are that love.

Namaste Rose Hearts

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