Mary Magdalene

Magdalene (Mag-Dal) – “great weaver” “portal jumper” “magic doorway”.

Radical initiator, antagonist, blissful deviant: she of a thousand faces, perennial mystic, an unsolvable mystery, an extraordinary eccentric.

How can we begin to describe this boundless energy in choosing to weave in and out of form.

As her very essence is the womb consciousness manifested in form, a pregnant stillness, a dynamic emptiness – she is a living paradox.

Nevertheless, she is radical, passionate, and unwavering…

She has been the hidden rose guiding humanity’s course for eons.

I have been blessed to have received her grace from time to time.

Her grace reflects that you are what you have always been searching for. The perfected human is the essence of who we truly are, and we can rebirth into this state at any time.

She will continue to serve during this Yuga of time.

Ritual to connect with her.

As you read this today.

Buy a bunch of 9 roses (white or red).

Hold them in your hand, in a sacred space.

Hold the roses to your heart.

And with the power of the spoken word affirm:

I invite the grace of the Magdalene to weave in and out of my soul’s journey, guiding me to the magic doorway within myself. The doorway of unspeakable love that I truly am and always was.

So mote it be.

Namaste Rose Hearts

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