A mystic is one who follows their heart courageously beyond refute.

A mystic is one who will not accept intellectual explanations – they are are hard nuts – they must experience/in-perience the reality within themselves for it to have validity.

A mystic is one who remains open always – as change is perpetual.

A mystic is one who explores all traditions & faiths – and realizes the interconnection
between them all – as each one is touching a part of the “elephant” – some touch the tail, some touch the leg, some touch the ear .. nevertheless are they are not all touching the elephant?

A mystic is one who knows that he/she does not know – as it is the intelligence of God/Divine/Source/Tao that only knows and one can only tune to that which is …

A mystic is always contemplating upon paradoxical paradoxes until the one force pervading as illusionary separation is realized within the silence of the heart.

A mystic is one who explores the subtleties and knows that in the subtle realms is where the deepest truths are revealed by grace of the pure white light.

A mystic is one who is a warrior of truth – who destroys the ego – the illusionary veil that alludes one from their true nature.

A mystic is one who is exuberant – alive & on fire with life – anchored in the spontaneity of the Tao – thus forever grateful and blessed for this experience.

A mystic is one who offers themselves at the altar of God with deep humility & reverence surrendering to that which is …

A mystic is one who knows – they are no-one – no-thing – no individual “I” separated … and their journey is to remember this truth of Self.

Nosce te Ipsum – Know Thyself.

May you meet a Mystic on the Road.

Many have been encountered here at the Sat Yoga Ashram.

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