Merlin is an ancient energy field that has expressed itself into form during many epochs of human history.

From manifestations in Sirius, Lyra, and Ursa Major to earthly as Lemurian – Atlantean high priest, soul streams crossover with Saint Germain {Yeshua’s/Jesus father Joseph + uncle Arimerthea + Noah}, perennial womb shaman, Celtic & Druid High Priest, just to name a few …

In all these manifestations of form, and soul streams …

Where was the source of this profound energy field’s consciousness?

The source in terms, of what was the initiation and realization that again and again, manifested the radiance and magical qualities of this soul.

Let’s utilize the earthy manifestation to express this story – which unfolded similarly but on many different vibrational bandwidths – so paradoxically – SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT 😉

Merlin first found magic {divinity within the self – that then can manifest outwardly} in Merlin’s Cave…

What does “Merlin’s Cave” represent…

It represents the womb … from which all births, from which creation creates and uncreates itself in perpetual dynamic stillness.

The mystery of the feminine principle can never be put in words, it has been attempted above, but it truly is beyond words … or intellectual integration – it cannot be grasped only surrender to 😉

This is the source of magic … and so much more {let’s keep this blog post shorter}

And Merlin attuned to this dimension of self, through the externalization of an actual “cave”.

This cave was – connected to a vortex – which created a flux of energy that facilitated deep immersive states of dynamic stillness and connection.

In this cave, through the darkness did Merlin find the secret chamber within his heart that was the divine spark of the creator, and did he return to the womb of the divine mother.

This remberence of self, as well as the unique qualities of this soul, to align with the laws of nature and procure the spoken word in alignment with divine will {magic}.

How long did he spend in this cave? – this occurrence happened in space-time, not time-space – so who knows.

A quick yet important tangent…from the Book the Womb Awakening… to reflect the importance of Caves.

“Caves and the “inner cave” of the female womb were always known as primordial power places. For thousands of years, this power was honored. Shamans. Medicine men, knights, kings, devotees, pilgrims, initiates and seekers sought out the wisdom and blessings “deep within the deep” of the feminine cave – through communing ritually in a womb cave of Gaia, or in shamanic sexual rites with the Holy Womb of a spiritual bride or womb priestess”

The etymology of the name “Merlin” {on Earth}

Merlin = Grail King {one who has been initiated “the hero’s journey” the pilgrimage into the Womb}.

Merlin = “from the Mer Line”. The Mer line is the lineage of Mary, of Mari – another code word for the Great Womb.

In the Druid Language More, from the same word root as Mer, also means “death” or “great ocean” again referring to the great primordial oceans of the Womb, where we are birthed and dissolved. The mysteries of life and death.

Merlin and his Beloved.

This profound inner union with the feminine mystery – manifested in many timelines with a beloved reflection/sacred union relationship.

 Beloved Torahannah in Lemuria/Atlantis, Morgana/Triple Goddess in Avalon.

Meeting with Babaji for liberation.

As did the monad of this soul stream (St Germain), Merlin after seeking a deeper union with the creator, spending centuries of linear time on earth – having immortalized his physical body utilizing nature’s magic – traveled to the Himalayas to seek this missing piece of union. Babaji mentored Merlin to a deeper state of self realization – that he ascended his soul/spirit into elevated consciousness (4/5d).

To be continued … no beginning nor end …



Namaste Rose Hearts

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