Lions ? gate Blessings

Asherah and I spent the Lions ? Gate hiking ? the Amatlán Quetzalcoatl mountains ? immersing with the energies of the elementals and what we feel to be the new earth ? frequencies.

Amatlán is the birthplace of the transcendent mystic Quetzalcoatl. He has left a legacy here in Amatlán – he represents the harmonisation of the lower nature (the serpent) with the higher nature (bird) – symbolised by the feathered serpent (dragon ?)

Being immersed in the radiant oasis and magical expression of nature – one feels as if God/Divine/Source/whatever name resonates – is hidden within our hearts ?

But until we raise our frequency we are unable to experience this connection to the Divine.

And the raising of a our frequency goes hand in hand with the transcendence of who we are not – the ego or seperated self created by the mind and the collective unconscious.

The mountains ⛰ and the elementals who felt safe to emerge during the Lions ? Gate because of the celestial alignments of the ever luminous Sirius + the elevated frequencies that Asherah and I were maintaining – allow one ☝️ to immerse in these heighten frequencies to experience the union with the divine!

Nature in her infinite blessing and blossoming. We can continue to merge with her – just like the daoists ☯️ or ancient China to realise the true nature of self.

And the mastery is to hold this vibration and realisation – in the density of the concrete jungles we have created.

I trust all of your lions ? gate adventures where just as magical ?‍♂️ Invitation to share below ??


Namaste Rose Hearts

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