Guru Purnima blessings

***True Mentors (gurus) are as transparent as glass, they let the light of God pass through them.***

True Mentors direct one to the kingdom of heaven within.

To appreciate and admire the omnipresence that lies within every human heart.

Our inner architecture is the same, every human through dedication, devotion and discipline can attain mastery of self.

Spiritual advancement is not measured by one’s outer powers, but by the depth of their inner being.

They do not seek attention to the self, expect absolute obedience, or admiration.

True Mentors know that it is not them as an individualised expression of the one consciousness that is doing anything, God/the supreme intelligence is the Doer.

True Mentors through their actions show that the divine resides equally in all body temples.

Jesus seeing the divine in the leper, Babaji materialising washing the feet of beloved beings on the street.

By serving others, I am learning the greatest of virtues, pleasing to God above all others – “Humility”.



Namaste Rose Hearts

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