TIPS for transversing the worldly UNKNOWN with deeper purification and transformation unfolding – on the way 💯

1 – Be absolutely PRESENT 💝 with whatever comes up WITHIN yourself. What fears are coming up? What ego narratives/stories/projections? What emotions are surfacing? What belief systems are surfacing from the unconscious mind? WITNESS all of it – and realize it is FALSE. It is not you – it is a program we have learnt for the distorted systems (family – social – government-corporate etc.) in our world of fallen consciousness. Dissolve it with wisdom, choosing not to identify with it and abiding in the SILENCE the ultimate transmutator.

2 – Source accurate information so you can make decisions aligned with your higher self (inbox us we can direct you). Our Spiritual Sovereignty is being tested. Do not give into FEAR – within the Quantum field there is INFINITE POSSIBILITIES ⚡️ – remember that.

3 – Align yourself – have fearless faith in Divine Presence/God/Allah/Dao – whatever it is for you. Whatever is your expression of connection – meditation (highly recommended) – prayer – mantra – devotion, etc. – only through communing with this intelligence can you receive the intuitive downloads on how to walk through the eye of the needle – to experience those perfect moments where Grace 😘 abides orchestrating the phenomenal plane for the most miraculous, impalpable, one in a million … non-coincidental alignments? Thus navigating safe passage retaining one’s spiritual sovereignty.

“Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.” – Lao Tzu.

The only way we can redream this world – is by transforming ourselves – alchemizing our internal world. There is nothing we can do outside of ourselves that will create the quantum leaps necessary to change the projected timeline we are heading for as a collective in this NOW.

Radical shifts within each of – thus the collective (ripple as we are all connected) – is the only HOPE.

Let’s get to inner work 🔥 beloveds.

May the heart 💜 shine true ☀️

Namaste 🙏


Namaste Rose Hearts

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