transmute shadow

In order to stabilize ourselves in the higher realms of true love, goodness, joy, effortless living, and miracles we must transmute the Shadow Realms of the ego.
The way of doing that is going into our Shadows and Fears as well as taking responsibility for karmic lash back.

However, there are as well practices that we can apply on a day to day basis. Since truly the practice is in each moment. On this path of illumination, we are going to have breakthroughs and experiences which may change our perceptions forever but the maintenance of those frequencies that we rise to after such events are key.

Through following those simple, but powerful day to day practices can one truly come to a stable foundation for keeping the beauty of the high frequencies alive within every moment.

Obviously, there are many ways of maintenance but here have I listed a couple of key practices which I believe to be Universal for each spiritual path and our inner work.

Sadhana Practice: Sadhana is a continuous routine, best practiced in the morning with which we set our foundation for the day. It depends on what you resonate the most with, it can be Yoga, Qi Gong, Pranayama, or any other spiritual practice.

For me it is Meditation. I feel meditation is the key to come to inner stillness and presence and within a stable meditation can we find all the magical experiences that we are seeking for. Within stillness and presence is where life lies. Through meditation can we connect deeper to ourselves and it is a powerful tool to take us into our inner world which brings further transcendence.

Whichever Sadhana is chosen, the focus and intention with it should be presence and stillness. If we can start our morning with that and bring that energy into our day we have already done 50 percent of our homework since we dedicate at least once a day time to return to the stillness, the source within.

Discernment: Now it becomes important, that if we truly want to stabilize on the higher realms to identify which are the activities, thoughts, etc that keep one within the lower realms of consciousness.

For that, we need to have radical honesty with ourselves and come into the space of discernment. „Do I want to continue feeding lower patterns and desires by playing into them?“

If so or if one is not willing enough to sacrifice desires and actions of the lower planes than that is okay, that is why we have the law of free will.

However, if the choice is to rise and truly stabilize in the bliss of the higher realms than the sacrifice needs to be made, desires and attachments must be given up. And finally, it won’t be a sacrifice anymore since once the frequency rises and the challenges are mastered the desires drop away.
In order to get there, clear discernment is needed.

The simple question that we should ask ourselves before acting out is:

“Is this desire, action, thought, momentary pleasure, etc truly more worth than living a life in wholeness and love?“

Identify your Triggers: Triggers, many times perceived as a curse but truly a blessing.
Witness and observe yourself. How does your body react to a trigger situation? Does it contract? Do you feel a certain pain that you can identify in the same area over again? Does your tone of voice change?

There are many hints that the body is giving us before reacting to a trigger. If we can come into the space of the witness and identify those hints we can then take a step back and just stop. ..breathe. close your eyes and return to the center…

From that space can we then come back to the situation and find it from a detached perspective. The more aware we become, the more subtle the triggers become and the more internalized they become.

Each trigger is a gift and allows us to come closer to the spaces within, which are still outside of unity consciousness and bring them back into wholeness.

Unconditional Love and Acceptance: Finally, of course, the most important piece.. love and acceptance.

Even if someday you do get triggered and play into it or you do catch yourself desiring or behaving unconsciously.. do not beat yourself up. Don’t be harsh on yourself. Its a play, a journey, a game.

If that can be realized from the childlike nature of play the journey becomes so effortless.

Keep practicing Love every moment. To yourself, your neighbor, and the ones that trigger you the most.

They are the ones that carry the greatest teachings for you.

Every moment is a chance to keep loving more. It is self-love at the beginning but ultimately it becomes pure love when all merge into the one. Where kindness and compassion rule your inner world.

And from that space, each perceived mistake can be taken in with ease and laughter. When we can realize that the light of love is always within and always unconditionally loving all it allows us to let go and to know that each situation, each moment is perfect as it is. Love wins.


Namaste Rose Hearts

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