The Rose Mistress


 A 1 day in-person Immersion for you to soften your heart, nourish your body and lead a devotional life of fulfillment and feminine embodiment.

Sunday 12 May 2024

10 am – 5 pm


Welcome Woman,

to an immersive sojourn of the Mystic Rose Lineage.

The Mystic Rose is a Lineage that Priestesses and Enchantresses have held in the ancient times from all around the world. Here we would connect to the Goddess, devote ourselves to the One Love and cultivate the sacred power of our womb, yoni and feminine essence through sacred temple rituals and practices.

This Magic has been forgotten in our modern-day society, making us disconnected from our hearts & bodies, live in a state of rush and doing and believe that we can only create through logic and predictability.

This has been the outcome of our disconnection to the Goddess and the belief in a patriarchal God that punishes us if we experience pleasure or no God at all.

The Rose Mistress Immersion invites you into deep devotional surrender while remembering your sacred Truth  to live rooting in your power and co-create a miraculous Life.

Enter the Rose Gateways with me, beloved Sister.

We await you in the Temple of Love.

What this Journey is guiding you into

Discover the ancient Mystery of the Rose Lineage and the lost teachings of Mary Magdalene to reclaim your mystical power and sacred rememberance

♦ Open up to the deep nourishing feminine dimension of surrender and love where giving and receiving in overflow becomes your natural state of  being

♦ Clear and nourish your yoni and womb on a physical, emotional and spiritual level so that you feel safe and at home in your Body

♦ Make peace with past stories of shame and self-judgement as you learn how to love and adorn all parts of yourself 

♦ Open your heart to a deep level of devotion to love, life, and yourself as you release past hurts and societal conditions

The Experience

Opening Ceremony w Rose Tea & Invocation of the Rose Lineage & Goddesses
♥ Temple Teaching – Magdalene, the Symbology of the Rose and the Rose Mysteries
Luxury Rose Ritual – Self-Adornment Abdominal Massage
 Rose Dance Choreography
♥ Ancient Art of Yoni Steaming Ritual
Closing Ceremony & Sharing Circle

LUNCH: We will be having a light shared potluck lunch together.

The Rose Mistress

Sunday 12 May 2023
10 am – 5 pm

for Women only


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Your Facilitator

Asherah Miriam Rose

is a Mystic Womb arts and Somatic Embodiment Mentor and designer of an organic Clothing Line. Her work empowers heart-centered women to lead an enchanted life of Earth connection, prosperity, and sacred sovereignty.

For almost a decade she has been active in transforming women’s relationships to their feminine strength and stability, supporting them to return to their Sacred Self through tools like nervous system regulation, shamanic timeline & lineage healing, emotional release & sacred dance.

Her exploration led to working and facilitating master plant medicines from the world’s native tribes, integral to yogic practices, somatic therapy, and rites of passage through the feminine mystic lineages and womb awakening.

She also has a 15-year background in Dance, from hip hop, performance art & tribal fusion in her earlier years to then using dance as a modality for healing and evolution.

 Asherah offers private online mentoring and group programs that provide a potent blend of multi-dimensional and Earth-based practices you’ll love to integrate into your personal arsenal of healing tools.