1:1 Evolutionship


Your inner world is a reflection of your outer world. By changing your energy field and with that your inner world will you change the course of your life and become the conscious creator of the life that you have always dreamed of.


Ready to embrace:

⇒  a life in alignment with your divine self and life purpose
⇒  authentic living, empowerment, and joy
⇒ your spiritual gifts and higher states of consciousness
⇒ a Life lived in vitality,  inspiration
⇒ and as well depth, connection, inner peace, and harmony


Ready to let go of:

⇒ Limiting beliefs & thoughts that keep you stuck in old patterns
⇒  Unexpressed emotions
⇒ Blocks that keep you from advancing in your life
the pull back into old stories & habits

Than… you have arrived at the roadmap to your dream destination!

We are here to empower & guide you in creating your dream life and your dream self. YOU are the one who is the creator. Through our unique gifts & abilities are we able to clear the pathways for you towards the magical doorway and it will be your responsibility to step through it. We will be there, all the way if you so wish, to cheer you on.

Are you ready to embark on this journey through the gates of magic?


The 1:1 Sessions are powerful personal sittings with Asherah & Gabriel, working on the multi-spectrum of your consciousness. This is a unique and precise experience for each soul. It is a combination of various healing modalities fused with Asherahs & Gabriel’s higher guidance. The depth and amount of energy transmitted in each session is aligned to the highest and best way of your current evolution.
Asherahs & Gabriel’s overall intention is to assist you in the advancement of your soul’s evolution and to empower you in breaking through limitations. They both serve as a guide to you and as a vessel of multidimensional intelligence to stream information and to transmit high vibrational energy.
The session can bring life changes and new ways of perception

Benefits of the session:

Neutralizing energetic, emotional & physical blocks
healing the Root cause of repeating patterns
Neutralizing childhood/past life fragments into wholeness
Realigning your entire energetic system
the embodiment with greater aspects of your divine self
activation of dormant high vibrational coding held within you


Sessions Structure

Intention & Dialog

We set the intention
for the session & have a dialog guided through the Divine Self


Transmutation of
mental/ physical/ energetic
blocks and limiting beliefs that are held within your energy field


Flooding of your energetic field with light and high vibrational energy

Review & Integration

We review the session
and you will receive
guidance for your path ahead

Feel the Love

What people say

Gabriel and Asherah have some wonderful, unique codes to share with humanity.  I feel them as a pure embodiment of source, fully integrated with nature.
Gabriel is a powerful Shiva warrior who embodies the quintessence of the Divine Masculine in human form.  He helped me process my brother’s passing, holding the perfect balance between love and allowing my human feelings, with the purity of surrender. 

Asherah is a pure embodiment of the Divine Mother in human form. Her essence is so graceful and natural. Her shadows have been loved and embraced and she always radiates a Divine Sweetness without being flowery.  She has helped me let go of comparisons and judgments to unwrap the innocence of my heart. 

There is not any sense of pushing anything down or striving for perfection.  They show us the gentle way.  Their bodies are a pure Temple of the Living God/Goddess.  This is true for us all in our potentiality and it is inspiring to be able to witness what that looks like and feels like when it is integrated into human form. I am so grateful for their presence on this New Earth and to be a part of this Soul Family and allowing the adventure to continue.

– Kathryn | Lightworker
Missouri US

I really loved and enjoyed our session together!

I took the rest of the day off and spent a lot of time sleeping, integrating and feeling energies in different parts of my body for several days. Specifically, my physical eyes for which it felt like a renewal and I am feeling more clarity in my inner and outer vision.

As well have I been feeling a deeper purification in my womb space, as if I am preparing to birth an aspect of me, through my womb and more of the Mary Magdalene energy has come through.

 I loved having the session with both of you and it was very comforting and in alignment to have both of your energies there. Feeling the love and support from Gabriel’s balanced energies, Wisdom, and honoring of the divine female was a perfect balance with Asherahs sacred gifts, of bringing forth the clarity that was intended and desired within my session, aligning me on all levels.

I am honored and privileged to have received such a gift from you, most precious Hearts.

Please continue to do this work together, as it’s extremely relevant and needed for the co-creation of our New Earth. 

 Blessings of love and eternal gratitude.

– Julz | Biofield harmonics Practitioner
San Diego US

Initially I hesitated to sign up for the Rose Session because although I was drawn to the ceremony, I didn’t fully understand what would be involved. It turned out to be the most impactful healing experience I’ve had thus far!

It was almost intimidating to sit alone in front of two powerful light workers, Asherah and Gabriel, and have all their attention trained just on me. But it was well worth it.

During our three hours together, I was freed, empowered, cleared and saw my gifts amplified. I experienced clearing of past life contracts, and was released from shadows of my matriarchal lineage. There were so many ‘AHA’ healing moments during the Rose Session that I left transformed. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who is ready for deep, soul-level alchemy. Thank you for sharing your gifts, Gabriel and Asherah!

– Amanacer | Creative Catalyst
Tulum Mexico

Clarity Call

Want to know if this is the right Program for you?
Do you have more questions regarding the 1:1 Evolutionship?

Book a 20min Clarity Call to find out if this is meant for you!
(You do not have to sign up after the call)


1 Month

– 3 x 75min 1:1 Sessions with Asherah
– 1 Intergration week
– Emergency whatsapp messages
– Pdf manuals, guided audio & video exercises tailored to your needs

444 usd

3 Months

– 9 x 75min 1:1 Sessions with Asherah
– 3 Intergration weeks
– Emergency whatsapp messages
– Pdf manuals, guided audio & video exercises tailored to your needs

1.111 usd

“Money is a form of Love. Every Investment you make towards your evolution shall bring you further prosperity, abundance & flourishment.”

Our main purpose is to be of service to the divine which is you. So if you are in need of a session but do not have the financial means to pay for it, you can request a concession with us.

Want to Know more?

Who is this for?

If you are ready to transform your life forever, to look at yourself with radical honesty and to go deep into purifying and releasing old patterns…

If you are ready to live the life beyond your dreams, to make the shifts that are required for that life and have the courage to step forward into your divine potential…

… then this is for you!

How will we connect?

We will connect over the Zoom platform.

Once you have made your booking you will receive a link from us that will lead you into the session.

If you do not have zoom yet can you download the platform here for free:


How is the Payment made?

Through Paypal. Once payment has been made, you will be then be contacted by Gabriel & Asherah to schedule in your session.

May all investments return to you in multiplicity and in divine ways beyond your imagination.


I have more questions?

Sure. Just contact us via our contact form.