Pilgrimage in Peru

In the footsteps of the inca

Here in the sacred land of Peru did the Ancient Incas flourish for thousands of years. The secrets of this grand civilization deriving from the stars, and past down through ancestry. Touching, influencing all across the globe. In following the footsteps of the Inca do we experience the many magical landmarks with their wisdom embedded for all to feel, see, and receive. 

This magical journey will begin in Cusco (the city shaped in the form of a Puma), the heart of the Andes (Peruvian mountain range). Here we will embrace the frequency of this magical town, and visit many of the sacred sites and temples in the vicinity. Next, we will begin our voyage to Machu Picchu.  Stopping on the way to Inca power places: lagoons, sacred ruins & mountain spirits (Apus as they are known in ancient Quecha language) and many other activities (special crystal markets, etc) as well as sit in ceremony with the sacred medicine of this land – Wachuma. Each stop on the way will prepare one to receive the blessing of the crystal city – Machu Picchu.

The Sacred land of Peru will invoke within you a remembering and connection to Mother Nature and our star brothers and sisters, that will be forever forged. If you feel called to walk in the Footsteps of the Incas then sign up below, we shall notify you once the time is ready for us to embark to this soul remembering lands.

“In these places, those who understand the celestial light..or those who listen to their own inner silence…will know.”
Asuncion Atu, Wise Elder of Pachakamaq