Meditate with Gabriel

Dana – Donation Offering

Meditation has always been at the forefront of my Spiritual Life.

It all started back in 2015 when an alliance with another dear friend & lover of meditation – created Breathe in Peace.
We initially started meditating in the busiest hall in Adelaide, South Australia – months later sharing Meditation with Yoga with over 300 people in the botanic gardens.

Still going today – reaching thousands of people in Adelaide.

I travelled the world, trialling different techniques and approaches. Sitting Vipassana twice, trained in Kriya Yoga, and trained with Sadhguru amongst many other explorations.

Now, I integrate everything that I have learned, into what I am feeling at the moment. More often than not it is a Vipassana followed by Kriya Yoga. This work best for me!

And that is key, finding out what works best for you!!!

So I would like to offer meditation sittings online via Zoom for all those that feel called.

And offer it on a donation basis for now.

I invite you to join me in Meditation. Meditation is for lovers. Lovers of life.

So book below.

And make your donation, either before or after the practice.

Look forward to abiding in the Silent Presence together.


Your Facilitator


I am a transformational healer & activator, DJ, modern mystic, spoken word artist, and entrepreneur. I love smoothie bowls, DJing ecstatic music, fine Taoist Tea, and the mystery school of life. My work inspires beings to embrace the fullness of their heart, and transmute any barriers to that expansive place within us all.

I blend my inner yogic & shamanic experiences with external understandings such as yogic scripture, the wisdom of the mystery school’s past, quantum physics, and psycho spirituality. This integration of inner experience and outer wisdom is a powerful remedy for transformation in one’s life.

I know my mission on earth, the reason why I came down here, is to be a beacon of light and influence as many souls as possible to the inner spiral of opening & awakening one’s heart. 

Welcome to read my full bio here…

What people Share…

Through our sessions Gabriel has helped me to remember my power, and that I am my own greatest teacher and master. And at every level of consciousness, I have been healing.

I’m eternally grateful for all you do, Gabriel, and hope to work with you as a mentor and friend for many years. Many blessings brother

Michael Briggs, Hydraulics Specialist

Gabriel was able to, in one conversation, show me how my old views of masculinity (toxic) were affecting me even though they weren’t true and helped me realign what true divine masculinity means to me.

I spent almost a month with Gabriel on that trip and during that time we traveled, played and ate together.

Gabriel is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met and it was great to see that he walks his talk – he doesn’t have to “get in the zone”, it’s just who he is.

Gabriel is a great teacher with a lot of knowledge. I still have much to learn but I know anytime I have a question – Gabriel is just a text away. I’m proud to call him “brother”.

Michael Linville, Small Business Owner

I appreciate how you are always available with your love, generosity, understanding and support.  There has never been a time when I did not feel your total presence, whether in person in the Amazon jungle or via the internet.

I really have no words to express my deep gratitude and love for all you have contributed to my spiritual progress by your example alone.

Angela LaPorta

I have profound respect for Gabriel’s ability for holding space for most vulnerable truths while somehow reminding me my own wisdom and that I don’t need to be afraid of myself. With utmost gentleness and grace, he helped me clear so much space to hold more of myself and plugged me back into myself.

Lily Zafer, University academic

I first met Gabriel in the Amazon in 2016, and was immediately drawn to his presence. Three and a half years later I reached out to him after my partner took her own life. His compassion, knowledge and wisdom helped guide me through this difficult transition. He focused not only on me, but also on the continuing nature of my relationship with my partner, even in death. Gabriel has a huge Heart, and an amazing balance of masculine and feminine energy.

As a result of his support, I find myself living in a space of profound gratitude, acceptance and forgiveness. I am so grateful for my connection with Gabriel now, and in my time of grief and confusion. I couldn’t recommend Gabriel more highly for support and guidance on the spiritual path.”

John Owlheart, Ex-NASA Engineer

My time spent working with Gabriel through empowerment sessions were nothing short of transformational. His ability to hold a loving and compassionate field created an environment that lended boundless support while I dove deep and faced my shadows. Gabriel is a beautiful and talented being whose bright light shines like a beacon, guiding you along the path home.  A true blessing to be re-connected in this life.”

Lori Horvath, Healer & Space Holder

I have had the opportunity to be with Gabriel on two occasions, and I have also experienced a private session over Skype. 

Gabriel is a divine being with an open heart and mind, filled with compassion and kindness. He has immense knowledge that he imparts to others for their own learning. 

I have come away empowered by his sharing as well as strengthen my own connection within.  Don’t hesitate to give Gabriel a call. 

Dawn Stewart

Our session together for me was just beautiful, I felt your heart flowing with love, sincere compassion and understanding for the issue we were working on..I instantly felt calm and relaxed in your presence…

Even after the session, I loved the tools you shared with me, the little messages of uplifting support. Overall the session was a beautiful uplifting experience full of sincere LOVE!!

Lisa Anderson