Embodiment Flow

Somatic Dance & Movement

A 1 hour guided somatic movement journey through elemental alchemy to dance out toxic energy, come home to your body, and activate your supreme Shakti power.

The Journey

Opening with the breath and the element of air you will be guided through a powerful ancient Taoist breathing technique to harness your sexual power

Followed by guided movement and dance through the elements of earth, fire, and water to activate your shakti, soften your heart, and root in mother earth.

Closing with an Energy Light Body Recalibration transmission to integrate the new frequencies and merge your Body and Soul.


    The Outcomes

    ♥ Learn how to harness your vital & ovarian energy and activate the power portal of your womb to enhance your magnetism

    Release stuck emotions and energy that have been blocking you from anchoring in your true divine self

    Connect to the earth as you let the elements flow through you, aligning to the rhythm of nature

    Regulate your Nervous System through guided somatic movement and by creating more energy flow in your body

    Soften your heart as you surrender into your body and let your emotions flow

    Activate a deeper sense of pleasure and aliveness in your body and life

    For the Woman who is ready to reclaim her potency, unlock the power of dance and lead a life in sacred embodiment and aliveness.





    33 USD

    You will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link within 24 h of booking.

    Replay will be sent out and available for 1 week after the Class.

    Your Facilitator

    Hi, my name is Asherah Miriam Rose.
    I am a Modern Mystic that has devoted her life to the pathway of love. My work is influenced by the shamanic arts, the Taoist and yogic lineages, especially Bhakti yoga and meditation the star lineages and ascended masters, the feminine and womb mysteries as well as psycho spirituality with the focus on inner child work.

    Asherah Miriam Rose