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Quantum Energy Clearing and Activation


The Awakenings is a powerful FREE & LIVE transmission held by Asherah and Gabriel. The transmission will help you feel clear, grounded, open, focused, and connected to your higher self.

The Event is held on a regular basis.

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Benefits of Awakenings.

♦ Clearing of energetic blocks that keep you from moving forward in life
♦ Releasing brain fog, tiredness and lethargy from your Energy & Body
♦ Coming into deeper peace and presence
♦ Clarity on where you may be blocking yourself 
♦ Deeper connection to your greater Self
♦ Activation of dormant higher DNA and latent memories to support your life’s purpose

What we do.


Every month we tune into the group container and the collective and do an energetic clearing on the field according to what currently needs to be cleared.


We flood the group container with high vibrational energy that can activate latent memories, higher DNA and a deeper connection to ones greater self.

Planetary Service

We work on the group field as well as send the energy out into the collective, accessing the quantum field. The more people are part of the Live Awakenings the more powerful it gets as each individual gets to connect to the energy grid and bring impact to the greater whole.

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Energy Clearing & Activation