A Message from our Heart to yours


Beloved Brother and Sister of the One Light,

how could words express the emanation that vibrates us, that lives through us, and that we all truly are?
On this path of ascension, descension and insension have we come to understand that what we are is beyond our story, is beyond our ages, beyond our names, and even life experiences. Yes, these events mold us and bring us the humility and wisdom to unlock further, dancing with the emptiness. These events allow us to strip back to our indescribable nature.
Yet should we be defined by those? As what we are is what he is, she is, you are. The only thing that makes us different is perception, beliefs, and constructs. But underneath that, are we the same.
How could this be ever described in words?

Even though our story does not define us and may be a limited expression of us, we shall share some words with you, of our act in the divine play. 

What matters the most is that

Only Love Prevails.

Asherah Kaliyana

 is a Modern Mystic, Transformational Healer, Medicine Woman, and designer of a clothing line that supports ethical practices. Using her unique abilities and skills she seeks to empower people in opening themselves up towards the realization and embodiment of their true divine nature.

After experiencing a profound inner transformation, she fundamentally changed the path of her life’s vision and focus. She devoted herself to the exploration of the human energy field, the latent power of the primordial womb and Yoni and as well, the nature of consciousness from a psycho-analytical and supernatural perspective.

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Her exploration led to working with various plant medicines from the world’s native cultures and tribes as integral to deep states of meditation,  the reawakening of the yoni and the power of the feminine. All to bring healing and realignment of the human soul as well as freedom from the limitations of one’s own shadow. 

Asherah shares and imparts her unique wisdom through retreats, ceremonies, teachings, sound and her voice in high vibrational frequencies that increase the healing and activation within each person’s own will. 

She dedicates her life towards the evolution of humanity in remembrance and return to love and the co-creation of a New Earth.

Gabriel Melchizedek

is a Modern Mystic, Transformational Healer, Yogi, and lover of this exuberant blessing that is life. With his unique gifts invoked by the grace of the divine, does he seek to awaken the love in all hearts thus illuminating the truth of self.

Receiving many inner experiences of connectivity and transformation, Gabriel continually aligns his life path to the will of the divine. He serves and plays, with the curiosity and wonderment of a child, to merge with the ever-changing mystery that is consciousness.

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Thus he has devoted himself to the explorations and study of energetics (scientific and spiritual), the wisdom of mystics east & west, and ultimately the prosperity of an direct relationship with the divine.

His explorations have manifested as embracing various plant medicines with indigenous cultures all around the world which have deepened inner-standings about the subtle realms of consciousness. Nevertheless, the most profound experiences have been gifted in immersed states of mediation.

Every exploration has woven within it medicine for the soul and the sacred heart. To transcend all layers that are sheaths over the heart. Gabriel shares and imparts his unique wisdom through retreats, ceremonies, teachings, and transmissions focusing on the illumination of the heart for the remembrance of love.

He dedicates his life towards the remembrance and return to love for the co-creation of a New Earth.

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