yoni blessing for the masculine…

In a recent yoni blessing-love ritual did I have a beautiful realization regarding the masculine.
I always silently wondered what the benefit was that man had, without speaking it out.
I know that we have the yoni which is the primordial power, we hold the womb which is the mother of all life, we hold the goddess within us, the source, we are it.

But man?

What is it that they are blessed with? And then, as I was feeling and exploring myself it occurred to me.
They have the pleasure to be able to enter those gateways of heaven. Have you ever wondered as a woman how it must feel to enter a yoni with the lingam? All her textures, her warmth, her juices, her softness…

I mean like wow, that must feel SO amazing. I can only imagine through the exploration of touch.

But for them to enter us, is like the returning into the womb. They have direct access to return into the darkness, the void of the primordial mother, the returning to her tenseness but gentleness at the same time.

And then it made so much sense to me of why so many men are that sexually needy. When they enter a yoni is it like returning to their mother’s womb. Returning to the sensation of being held, nurtured and loved. Even though most of humanity still practices unconscious intercourse is the subconscious mind and their cells experiencing it in that way. The way of being held again like a baby. That is why they love boobs so much too.

So in one way when the sexual act is practised unconsciously is this a way of taking the energy of the woman and the womb, as well as dumping all their energetic garbage onto the womb as it is the space where they can finally let go again of their fears, their anger, their mother wounds of never receiving enough love. Here is where they can switch off and feel safe again in mommy’s heaven.

If the woman is conscious and knows how to transmute and clear the energy instantly could this be a wonderful service to her partner – but most of the time is she not- she takes the energy on and have you witnessed that often, after making love couples fight? Because all these energies are stirred up and not processed in the right way.

Now if both partners are conscious it is a whole other way for relating for the men. He will ask for permission to enter the gateways of heaven and when she is ready and the permission is granted does he enter with full consent.

Here can he feel and experience the bliss of the divine mother, the deep void of the cosmic womb and receive from her. He can experience source, the zero point directly. He may receive visions, cosmic coding, and a profound healing/ activation experience.

He can unite with the great mother by experiencing her directly. It is like watching the beauty of a fire. We as humans have the joy to be able to witness its forms, its movement, feel its warmth, surrender to its glow. The fire itself will never be able to experience it in that way as it already is the fire.
That is the same with men and women. No one is better than the other but the roles are just distinct within this divine game of life.


Namaste Rose Hearts

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