What is true Love?
True Love is beyond two beings that are in a relationship with each other. But it is the constant relationship with God through all beings.
Does this always have to be beautiful, loving and in perfect harmony? Ultimately it will be. But on the rocky road to that, is Love our teacher, especially in the reflection of our relationships.
Here is where we can learn through our blindspots, through the pieces that we still project outside of ourselves.
As Love is an inside job. So all that one feels that is not Love and fault of the other is a reflection of what is still perceiving itself as separate from Love.
But its still Love guiding us to see these pieces, so that we can be united again.

The problem is when the ego comes in and resists, projects, creates friction, does not want to unite with Love because of its fear of Love.
Yet if we can observe that with utter sincerity and acceptance is this already step one of the inner alchemy to return.

Gabriels & my path has definitely been a rocky road. Yet every breath of it was so worth it. As it has brought us closer together and deepened true Love within us.

True Love is allowing the other to be as they are and totally honoring their choices. Allowing them to be free to grow and learn in the pace they want to. Its relinquishing all control but trusting that the Tao is guiding all in perfection.
Solitude and Sovereignty are such important aspects of that journey.
In our relationship have we learned that the more freedom and space we give each other, the closer we come together and the deeper our Love goes.
Being in a spiritual relationship means to support one another in their growth, to hold silent space. It is not about a romantic emeshed love that is focused on each other but focused on God.
This does not make sense to many as the ego is self-centered and can not imagine putting a higher will first. And that is how attachment relationships are created which ultimately bring suffering.

When we truly love we can let the other be free, trust in the perfection of the Divine Play and see the Light of God within them always.