Unveiling the Spell Saga

 My story of losing and reclaiming my whole feminine expression.

PART 1 (of 4)

There have been parts of my story that I never really shared to the extent that I will do now.

One reason has been that I felt it’s in the past, and I don’t need to talk about it; another reason that revealed itself to be deeper has been the fear of being ostracized and abandoned by my tribe when I speak up about what I am about to share with you.

It took me several years to come to inner clarity, reclamation, and conclusion with this story.

And I do not take this lightly; it feels very vulnerable to share all of this in such a public space, but it feels like the right thing to do.

As anyone who knows me will know, I am about to move into the deep end… so if there is a fear that makes itself known, I have to dive into it; I have to break free from it, even if it’s so deeply scary.

I also long to unleash all parts of my being, my expression and my voice.

And the ultimate intention is to inspire and support other women to do so, too. (And men also, but a lot that I am writing about is directed to our feminine expression.)

I also want to highlight that I am not speaking about this to “get back at anyone or put someone else down,” but I am doing this because I want to share my story and because I desire to shed light on certain aspects of the spiritual community to invite people into a deeper level of awareness and discernment.

DISCLAIMER: This is a 4 part story. You can make assumptions, but they most likely won’t be accurate if you don’t read all 4 parts of it. Your call.


The way the inspiration of writing this came to place was I remembered how I was always the naughtiest of all my girlfriends – and whatever you believe naughty to be, it probably covers that.

So how did I move from that to being hyper-spiritual and puritanical to finally returning to my unique essence and expression?

Well, it all began about 10 years ago when I lived in Australia. Here is where I met my soul tribe and awakened to what some may call the spiritual path. I was living in a magical forest house with 3 soul sisters; we would dance and play, we would perform as dancers at festivals and make costumes, we would process emotions and indulge in our maiden fairy energy to the fullest, all of that naked most of the time xD.

We also worked in a gentlemen’s club as dancers every once in a while, which brought us financial support, but that is a whole other story of reclamation by itself.

Overall it was so much fun, and I felt free in my sexual expression, confident in my feminine body, liberated in the way I dressed, and showed up to the world. (There was certainly also a lot of underlying shadow and leaky energy lingering, but we will get to that)

That shifted at a stage of my journey where I met my previous partner and joined his spiritual family that was heavily focused on “ascension.”

… keep reading in Part 2.