Unlock your Souls Dharma

6 days to Dismantle your drama story, learn how to heal your karma, and accelerate your sacred Dharma as you start richly serving from energetic overflow.

Class 1:

Dismantling your Drama: Dismantle the story of Victimhood and giving your power away to the Drama Story as you reclaim your reason for being and start living and leading from your divine self.

Class 2:

Healing your Karma: How to heal your karma in a way that is gentle and graceful for your soul as you embrace all parts of yourself and open your heart to Divine nourishing Love.

Class 3:

Living in your Dharma: Discover what it truly means to live and serve from your Dharma as you accelerate your sacred mission and activate higher divine consciousness.

BONUS: Receive a guided embodiment transmission at the end to integrate this journey and activate your Divine Blueprint!