The Sovereign Queen Initiation


Somatic Eros – Elemental Alchemy – Transformational Dance


A 9-week initiatic group voyage to soften your heart, reclaim your root power, and awaken to a deeply fulfilling life in Aliveness and


Beloved Sister,

do you dare to feel into the depth of the chambers of your darkest corners, dare to be held and healed as you unravel your magnificent truth?

Do you dare to roar, dare to live, dare to be fully alive with radiance, power, and magnetism?

Painting the masterpiece of your life with the juices of your creativity & passion. Walking in your light and dark, both unite in the holy chamber of your sacred human heart.

Knowing that you came here to be limitless, create a legacy, and embody the mystery of your totality. From your Human being to your Divine Self.

The Sovereign Queen Initiation is a voyage through somatic embodiment practices, elemental alchemy artistic expression, energy healing transmissions, and movement medicine.

Held in a sacred, intimate, and crystalline container of sacred sisterhood, it offers you the space to unfold like the lotus in the pond, to share, shed, be held, and seen.

This voyage calls you into stripping back dogmas, beliefs, and paradigms to the essence of your truth while guiding you through to express freely, unlock your voice, and soften your heart as you ignite your holy essence.

It is time, sister.

The Destination

Become the author of your life as you release the victimhood story and establish your inner authority and crystal-clear intuition.

Reclaim your power from people and situations as you liberate your voice and truth and learn to set healthy boundaries.

 Awaken your womb’s innate wisdom and feminine power as you heal negative birth imprints, shame, and guilt and come home to your body.

℘ Anchor in emotional maturity to feel stable and grounded in the Earth while regulating emotional highs and lows.

℘ Soften your heart as you heal past hurts and open to nourishing love that will have you feeling deserving to receive love and create a life of prosperity.

℘ Release the “I am not enough” story and shift into a radiant Queen who knows her worth and power and holds it with dignity.

Unearth vitality, energy flow and peace within your body, mind, and spirit as you recalibrate your nervous system and drop into safety, security, and feeling supported.

The Voyage

Spiral of Death

In the descend we will be travelling with lady mugwort, morgana & Inanna.

Week 1 Air: The Rising Sun (Beginning)

In week 1 we will initiate the sacred transformational space with a powerful opening ceremony, vowing to our commitment and surrender to the Goddess while diving into the Element of Air which represents the beginning, giving you practical, powerful tools to support you in recalibrating and anchoring throughout the next 9 weeks.

This week will give you a solid foundation & preparation for the initiation of death and rebirth  in the coming weeks.

Week 2 Fire: Holy Rage

Week 2 is going to take us through Death, supported by the Element of Fire. We will dive deep into exploring our holy rage on a personal, ancestral, and collective level. Purifying our wombs from the collective shadow of suppression of our sexuality, breaking free of self-imposed images and limitations, and clearing leaky energy of past and present relationships that do not serve us any longer.

This week will support you in breaking the edges open to access the intelligence of your womb-heart and reclaim your power from psychic patterns and relationships.

Week 3 Water: Erotic Grief Mysteries

In week 3, we will dive through the element of our inner waters, opening the champers of grief and shame as we move deep into our womb and sacral area, letting our inner waters move and flow to release stuck energy while we open our hearts and reclaim our erotic essence.

This week will support you in softening your heart and opening up your sacred eros as you remember your worth.

Week 4 Earth: Returning Home

Week 4 is the last week of our Death Journey – we die and simultaneously rebirth through the element of earth. Here is where we explore the time in our mother’s womb and our birth – the moment when we arrived on planet earth for the very first time in this life, which is deeply interwoven into how safe and secure we feel in our bodies. We will dive through the core wound of separation and loneliness while reclaiming our place and belonging on planet earth, reclaiming our energetic placenta as we root in Gaia.

This week will support you in regulating your Nervous System, making peace with your body as you come home to it and root in safety and security.

Integration Week 5

Midpoint: 1 week to reflect & integrate. No class this week.

 Spiral of Life

In the ascend we will be travelling with rose medicine, blue lotus and the oracles of delphi

Week 6 Earth: Emergence

Week 6 is taking us into Rebirth through the element of earth. Here is where we explore the time in our mothers womb and our birth – the moment when we arrived on planet earth the very first time in this life, which is deeply interwoven into how safe and secure we feel in our lifes. We will journey through a rebirth ceremony in which we reclaim our energetic placenta as we root in Gaia and create a healthy and abundant energy flow between ourselves and our Mother Earth.

This week will support you in fully inhabiting and coming home to your body to manifest your dreams in physical reality and realize the magical Earth as Garden Eden.

Week 7 Fire: Shaktivation

In this week we will unleash our raw Shakti power. Here is where we activate our wild feminine and sensual muse by opening up into our inhibited expression, unleash our voice and retrieve all parts of our essence from the holy to the whore.

Breaking free from spiritual dogmas and enlivening our senses to ignite our full potency as a woman so that you can manifest our vision in the physical reality.

Week 7 will support you in activating and harnessing your raw and magnetic shakti power in a way that feels fully expressed and in integrity with your souls essence.

Week 8 Water: Opening to Love

After activating our raw power we will now refine our channel and learn how to move this energy into our heart and allow it to pour out to the world from a space of Devotion and Love. We will soften into forgiveness of past stories while opening our hearts to receive in totality so that we can receive all the support needed to bring forth our sacred purpose.

Week 8 will support you in finding deeper forgiveness while softening your heart to pour love into this world and opening up to fully receive from the source of life.

Week 9 Air: New Life

We end our life transformational Journey together with a New Beginning & New Life through the Element of Air.
We will work with the power of our mind as we have crystalized our vessel now to send clear signals to the universe on co-creating our deepest dreams and visions.

Finally, you will be guided through a luxurious Embodiment & Sound Ritual to integrate our voyage on a cellular level. 

This week will support you in harnessing the power of your mind to co-create your desired reality and integrating the entire journey on a cellular level to bring everything you learned into embodiment in your day-to-day life.

What’s included?

9 weekly interactive LIVE Workshops that consist of:

  • Sharing circles where everyone gets the opportunity to be heard and receive personal guidance from Asherah


  • Wisdom Classes held by Asherah

  • Embodiment Practices

  • Opening Ceremony


  • 1 x Shamanic Rebirth Ritual (Reclamation of your sacred placenta)


  • 1 x Grief Mysteries Salon


  • 1x Energy Clearing and Activation


  • 1 x Holy Baptism & Self Love Luxury Ritual


  • Closing Ceremony with Sound Alchemy Bath

    (all held LIVE on Zoom, guided by Asherah and Guest Facilitators)


    • Over 6 hours of potent recorded content exclusively for this course including guided meditations,  somatic embodiment practices, guided tapping, dance practices
    • Queens Telegram Temple to connect and share

    • Access to the Membership portal and all recorded classes & materials for 6 months

      6 Months access to the Course portal with all recorded materials and replays

      The magic people experience in my work

      Naomi went from being unable to unleash her emotions, self-judgment & being stuck in her mind to owning her voice & rising into her sensual feminine power and inner stability!

      Freya went from feeling scattered and unable to stay organized in her daily life to groundedness, clarity, and deeper embodiment in her work!


      Ivy went from a traumatic experience of giving birth, heaviness, and sadness to forgiveness, deep healing, and inner freedom.

      Shakira experienced a transformation on a physical, mental and energetic level that helped her to release a blockage she was carrying for years, leaving her feeling light, clear and centered.

      The Sovereign Queen Initiation 21 March 2024

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      If you are experiencing financial difficulties but feel deeply committed to undertaking this Journey, I offer spots for partial Scholarships. To apply please contact me here and explain your current financial situation and why you want to receive the partial Scholarship.

      Your Facilitator

      Hi I’m Asherah Miriam Rose, a mystic womb arts and somatic embodiment mentor passionate about guiding heart-centered women to lead an enchanted life in feminine power, sovereignty and sensuous aliveness rooted in the Earth.

      For the past decade I have been devoted to the path of sacred embodiment, and for the past five years it has been my joy to transform women’s relationship to their feminine magic,  strength and stability through womb work, somatic practices, shamanic lineage healing, and higher timeline & soul activation.

      Asherah Miriam Rose

      Want to know more?

      Who is this for?

       This is for the woman who is ready to take it the whole way home by reclaiming the full spectrum of her expression and womanhood and bringing that into her every breath, leading a devotional & fulfilling life while co-creating her deepest dreams and visions.

      As well as for the woman who is dedicated to put the time and energy into showing up and doing the given practices, taking responsibility and integrating all that is learned into their day-to-day life.

      How much time do I need?

      Generally, I would recommend setting about 1 hour a week aside for the practices.

      The Live calls are estimated to go from 1 – 2 hours but may go longer, we work in a dimension outside of time in these calls, and everyone is given the opportunity to speak and share.

      If you have a busy schedule you can also come back to some of the practices later, that is why you will have 6 months of access to the program, which gives you plenty. of time to complete it.

      I have already done a lot of inner work - is this for me?

      If you have done a lot of inner work but still see sabotage and disempowered patterns showing up in your life this is 100% for you. As often, we do “a lot” of inner work but don’t go to the root to rewire deep-seated patterns for good. This journey will support you in going all the way to the root cause and give you the tools to continuously to so as well as stabilise on another set point.

      Being held in a Group Container and accompanied by Mentorship is what accelerates the Journey.

      I am new to the inner work - is this for me?

      The journey I take you through is deep and will ask you to move beyond your comfort zone and break through dogmas and old stories.

      It will also require you to continue the inner work in your own space and be committed to making the change.

      That you are here reading this, means that you have been guided to this and I trust that guidance.

      In our weekly calls, you have the space to be held and receive mentoring and guidance, which will support you in case if you are stuck at any time.

      I have deep trauma - will this help me?

      This container and journey will certainly offer you a multitude of tools to recallibrate your nervous system, fascia and sub conscious – the places where traumatic imprints are held.

      You will also have the opportunity to receive 1:1support in the Live Calls if something unexpected comes up.

      So it will support you in healing, releasing and rewiring traumatic imprints, experiences and memories.

      All this being said, you are accountable for holding your own space during the practices.

      If something serious comes up that you need support with, you can contact me to book a 1:1 session with either myself or a recommended practitioner.

      How will we connect?

      We will connect over the Zoom platform for our weekly calls and you will receive access to our membership portal with all the recorded classes and teachings for 6 months.

      We will also have facebook group in which we will connect and share.

      Once you have made your booking you will receive a link from us with the access links.

      If you do not have zoom yet can you download the platform here for free:

      I have more questions?

      Sure, contact me via our contact form here. 

      or message me on Instagtam @schoolofmodernmystics