Infinite possibilities, yet the vibrational frequency of the collective consciousness is creating in every eternal now a vibrational match to certain outcomes.

Who knows what will unfold…

But one thing is for sure.

An activated light body will be the calm amongst the storm.

Will be blessing beyond words if certain timelines prevail.

What do I mean by this?

I know in my heart of hearts, that our original divine blueprint was to be self-sustaining beings, living off the abundance of prana that nature provides and receiving/knowing certain internal practices that would cultivate prana within the body.

We have forgotten the incredibly sophisticated and intelligent vessel that we have been gifted.

{And for those receiving the grace, in full communion. the divine shakti alone would activate the immortal body.}

Yes – certain foods provide the body with incredible prana/light.

But what if they become unavailable at some point with the coming waves of trial and tribulations?  – so many timeline potentials depending on the vibrational resonance of the collective.

{I see food as light} ~ and if you seem them that way, you will be more in touch with what to put into your holy vessel.

{also – don’t be too strict – a healthy balance – be open to life and it’s many blessings}

So the impetus to begin to reactivate the light body – with GRACE AND EASE.

One can start by fasting.

Beginning with raw food, or fruit/veg.

What foods are easily accessible and come from nature’s hand (unprocessed + organic recommended).

Be gentle with yourself, take small steps towards a larger goal.

Maybe starting with 3 day-fasts.

The goal is to get to Water-fasting.

“Hunger is the first element of self-discipline. If you can control what you eat and drink, you can control everything else”.

There is no coincidence that every major religion {east or west} or way of life involves fasting.

So when we reduce food intake, we do not only purify the body/mind/gut.

And breakthrough conditioned belief systems, have the opportunity to face and embrace/transform emotions…

But in collaboration with spiritual practices, as simple as movement and mediation, we begin to activate the higher light body.

The intelligence of the body knows that if there is no food intake, it can gain the energy it requires for homeostasis from internal prana + prana from nature + receiving the divine shakti in heightened states of awareness.

And whilst all this is happening, if you keep a consistent spiritual practice (as much as you can) – you will begin to feel a deeper connection to the whole – source – whatever you want to call it – this will be your internal experience.

What I am sharing, was inspired by 3-day water fast over the weekend.

What does the word current buzz word Corona represent for me ~ Crown?

Opening of the Crown to receive the divine shakti.

Fasting will heighten this possibility, to receive thy grace.



Namaste Rose Hearts

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