great mother

I always had the idea that the great mother divine mother was only this gentle, graceful, loving, and nurturing energy. When I would connect to that aspect of myself I would feel her deeply and the connection to her.

But just recently did I had a thought – what about if the divine mother is not only that? And quickly did my mind came in and said oh no, not possible that is the representation of the divine mother.

As I have been opening the shakti and sexual lifeforce within my being on a deeper level though have I been having some profound realizations that of course, once again change the game of perception.

I am shown, feeling, realizing what the divine mother truly is. Which is not only the above. But she is the energy of life and death. She can be loving and gentle but as well fierce and striking ( well that I had experienced before for sure lol) but what has been a recent innerstanding is her deep sensuality and as well her playfulness – the fact that she shows us over again to not take ourselves and life too seriously.

Sometimes we can get so rigid with our beliefs, our need to purify and to improve, our need to process and our need to be in the light and on the spiritual path and to do everything in the spiritually correct way…

Well, guess what?

She actually does not care. She just wants to play, she wants to experience herself through us, she wants to feel, sense, enjoy life, and enjoy the divine play, Lila.

She is so playful. And sensual.
As I allow her sensuality to fully awaken and flourish within me do I feel I see her on a deeper level. I have been always a sensual being, a creative, dancer but I feel now I am going into another layer of depth with it.

I see how everything IS sensuality, expressed through the divine mother. She loves to flirt with life and I love to flirt with life. All is a continuous sensual movement of her expression if we look at the shapes of nature, the spirals, the leaves, the movement of the waves in the ocean it is like the ocean is making love with the shore over and over again.
The bees are making love with the flowers every time they pollinate and the trees and plants are making love with the soils as their roots are merging deeper into the vast earth.

And all of this is her creation, it is the great mother. She loves to be cheeky, she loves to be sexy, she loves to be innocent, she loves to be adored and wild.
It is not only this pure white light energy of softness. But as well raw, as well naked, as well wild, as well fierce, as well so many things.

And I am LOVING to play with that and play with her in that way, to feel her in that way through me. It brings me lightness, it brings laughter, it brings innocence, it brings fire and passion, it brings pleasure and it brings life.

My wish is for all sentient life but foremost for all women to come to that sacred innerstanding of what the divine mother has to offer through us. And then let go into it.

Namaste Rose Hearts

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