Everything in life moves in cycles. Dying and rebirthing, expanding, and contracting.

The birds ? shed their feathers, the snakes ? shed their skin.

The bears ? stay in hibernation for entire months.

The seasons ☀️ move from summer through autumn into winter, rebirthing over again in spring. From dry to rainy ? , from hot to cold, from lush greenery to dryness. All parts of the world go through their way of the cycles.

As we do ?
At times we feel inspired, motivated, gliding in the bliss realms and the interwoven synchronicities of life.
Other times we might feel internal, reflective, low on energy, uncertain.

At times we might feel at a high, inspired by all the magic life is offering us. Other times we might feel the collective pain and sorrow of the world.

We fall in love, rise in love ? and some cases break up, move on into new relationships or times of solitude.

At times we receive, at others we give. At times we shed and others we create.
One comes in hand with the other.

Yet what is it within us humans that resists that cyclical nature? What is it that wants to grasp to that which feels blissful, happy, fun, exciting yet rejects the shedding, the purifying, the discomfort, the “lows”?
What is it within us that resists the cycles of life?

One thing is for certain – the spiritual path is not here to create only comfort, only highs, a perfect life filled with only expansion. It is rather here to offer us the wisdom of a whole-listic way of living. This is to embrace all cycles in totality and allow them to flow as they are.

To come into acceptance with what is and through that find beauty, find inspiration in the darkness, heal through creative expression, swing with the expansion but don’t attach to it, dance with shakti, come into stillness with shiva.

When we come into that space of acceptance we will feel the embrace of divinity. A motherly hug in times of despair, a fatherly illumination in times of wonder.
It was never said that life is about perfection.

It was never said that fulfillment and unity mean we won’t face challenges, we won’t face hormonal changes, we won’t face death and sorrow.

Yet is it about the way we take it in. The way we embrace and allow the cycles of life.
And through that come into union with all.

Namaste ?


Namaste Rose Hearts

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