The Cosmic Mother of all Creation. Through her womb did we birth and emerged as a point of light.
This point of light did then take its journey into form through incarnation.

As infinite expanded consciousness do we incarnate – into the womb of our earthly mother – which was probably not a space of infinite love like that one where we came from.
Most likely rather a space of pain, of confusion, of fear, of worry, of doubt – even if not lived out consciously, if the Mother was not an embodiment of Divine Love would these emotions be held in her womb.

And suddenly – is this infinite divine unmanifest energy squeezed into this space of fear which it instantly turns into.

Welcome… to our first encounter on planet earth. That’s where the journey started and that would be our deepest imprint. And as we go along do we keep building our identity upon that.

And then do we continuously seek this space of nurturing, loving care. Do we try to fill ourselves with money, food, addictions, material possessions, relationships… only to find out it was not it and will never be it.

Over and over looking for the mother…
but if we would only know that when…
we gather all our courage to face our fear-based patterns and addictions, we admit that we need help, we allow ourselves to feel lost not knowing what will be, we finally stop and acknowledge our pain rather than running away, whitewashing it or covering it with affirmations, pseudo-spirituality, and other distractions…
She will appear. She will love us unconditionally, nurture us, soothe us and give us the strength to keep going all the way home.

She is after all the divine mother of all. The Sophia, Mystic Rose, Womb of  Creation.
And it is time now to make that leap of faith as she is calling all her children back home into the loving arms of the Unknown.

Namaste Modern Mystic

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