What does it mean to be a divine (awakened) masculine wielding the wand of light?

The Awakened Man

  • The innate ability to process, express and assimilate his emotions! Transmuting them and then utilising them to awaken his feminine heart and emanate elevated emotions through his shiva (penetrating) consciousness + a source of extra power for his wand of light.
  • Is grounded like a mountain, unshakable strong and clear – is able to disseminate truth from ego/emotional storms.
  • Knows his purpose – and is consistently following his heart in fluidity by the grace to fulfil it.
  • Honours and has awakened his inner feminine – knowing that this is the gateway to wisdom and a state of beingness beyond the intellect. Attributes / virtues such as flow, surrender, receiving,  embracing space, healthy emotional connection, compassions, playfulness, dynamic vibrancy, alignment to the cosmic rhythm – integrated.
  • Is anchored in the present moment ~ and lives life as an every changing every dynamic dance (Nataraja).
  • Strong but gentle – understands through his heart when to express the necessary force – but knows that true strength arises from gentleness – just like water.
  • Has a safe presence that is a consistent calm – even amongst potential storms
  • Explores, transmutes integrates his ego/shadow ~ as a unfolding to a deeper union with the divine.
  • Through his awakened feminine heart – has access to intuition (transcendent of linear mind) and connected + anchored in/to the web of life – which burst into creation from the cosmic womb.
  • Transmutes his sexual energy – allowing it to rise and assimilate in his heart – and from there merge with his higher chakras.
  • Allows love to saturate his being and perpetually transform his wand of light + shiva consciousness.
  • Has transcended the patriarchal distortion and knows his equal role in the divine play. To be a grail king – guardian and emissary of the womb of life.


The Patriarchal Man

  • Seeks to control and perpetrate the feminine.
  • Distorted sexual energy (porn programming) – immediate gratification, projection of desire, transference of energy in the womb.
  • Sees himself as the centre of the universe – with little compassion for others and projects his self-serving agenda/desires onto others.
  • Utilises distorted intellect from the ego to manipulate others.
  • Has separated himself from the source – the womb – and thus has to vampire energy of other beings – hence the ego attributes of competition, busyness, control, domination, numb etc.
  • Trapped in a cycle of power, greed, lust and ignorance.


Namaste Rose Hearts

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