Temptress Temple Dance


A 1-day in-person Intensive for you to unleash your inner Temptress as you soften your nervous system & body, dance in your Shakti power, and rise into

Feminine Embodiment


Welcome Woman,

to a mystical sojourn of ancient temple dance, somatic movement, and integrated teachings of Feminine Magic.

I invite you to step through the gateway with me, as you unearth your sacred Shakti power and learn how to harness and cultivate it in a way that feels nourishing, sacred, and empowering to you and your path of sacred feminine magic.

The energy of the Temptress is here to initiate you into your rawness, into embracing your flaws and your greatness, into stripping away spiritual and society dogmas for you to tap into your fiery essence as a woman of the Earth and sacred Wombkeeper.

She is here to remind you of your power, to call you home into your Truth, and to invite you into the remembrance of the sacredness of your life,  holy body & womb.

So that you can serve from a space of fierce authenticity, devotional surrender, and holy belonging as a wisdom carrier of Feminine Magic.

Lift the curtains and enter into her world with me through the rites of passage of Temptress Temple Dance.

What this Journey is guiding you into

Unearth the primal potency of your Shakti & learn how to harness it in an embodied and empowered feminine way

Learn how to calibrate your nervous system from fight or flight into safety and groundedness

Discover the Ancient Art of Temple Dance as we dive into the secret mysteries of the Enchantress & Temptress Energy

Rise into confidence & truth as you reclaim sovereignty over your body, sensuality, and womb

Discover the Wisdom of your Fascia and Somatic Intelligence so that you can heal your Body & Nervous System to live in a peaceful presence

The Experience

Opening Ceremony & Invocation of the Goddess

• Temple Teaching – The Heart of the Temptress

• Somatic & Fascial Movement to open the Body

• Temptress Temple Dance Part 1 – Sensual Tantric Arts to unearth your Shakti

• Temple Teaching – The Wisdom of Fascia & opening to receive Her

• Temptress Temple Dance Part 2 – Womb & Mudra Sequence to cultivate your Shakti Power

• Somatic & Fascial Movement for Integration

• Closing Ceremony & Sharing Circle

LUNCH: We will be having a light shared potluck lunch together.

Temptress Temple Dance
for Women only

Your Facilitator

Asherah Miriam Rose

is a Mystic Womb arts and Somatic Embodiment Mentor and designer of an organic Clothing Line. Her work empowers heart-centered women to lead an enchanted life of Earth connection, prosperity, and sacred sovereignty.

For almost a decade she has been active in transforming women’s relationships to their feminine strength and stability, supporting them to return to their Sacred Self through tools like nervous system regulation, shamanic timeline & lineage healing, emotional release & sacred dance.

Her exploration led to working and facilitating master plant medicines from the world’s native tribes, integral to yogic practices, somatic therapy, and rites of passage through the feminine mystic lineages and womb awakening.

She also has a 15-year background in Dance, from hip hop, performance art & tribal fusion in her earlier years to then using dance as a modality for healing and evolution.

 Asherah offers private online mentoring and group programs that provide a potent blend of multi-dimensional and Earth-based practices you’ll love to integrate into your personal arsenal of healing tools.