What a sacred dance it has been.

The moment we moved in together did we start to conceive the vision of the rose. It is truly something that could only happen through both fields merging.

From that point where the steps laid out to us, one by one. We did not know how all would look like once the School of Rose mystics would be ready, yet did we trusted and followed each step at the time, without questioning and filled with creative joy and inspiration.

We enjoyed birthing this platform so much! Yet was it a deep initiation. It felt like the rose was taking us into deep layers of our shadow to purge, to reflect and to rise into our next level of evolution.

The rose was showing us the pieces that had to be alchemized in order to be of service to love. And showed us the pieces were to love ourselves more, to accept ourselves as we are, understanding that we don’t need to be “perfect” in order to serve divinity.

Yet do we need to hold the frequency of love and we needed to achieve a certain stage of readiness to be able to hold the container for the school and for all the beloveds that are going to be part of it and are going to receive the miraculous blessings of the rose.?

We are so grateful and feel so honored to be serving in the name of the rose.?

May we all find the light of divinity within our very core of being.

Namaste ?? ❤️??

Namaste Rose Hearts

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