Royal Devotion

Embark on an 8-week breathtaking Odyssey for you to unearth your Wombs Sovereignty, liberate into sacred Wealth, and become the iconic Masterpiece of your own

Miraculous Destiny.

September 25th 2023

Holy woman of the wild 

Chalice for the heavens 

Beloved queen of the one heart

Have you felt the yearning in your being?

The yearning to merge with your most exquisite royal nature and let your purest essence be what reigns your life and world. 

The longing to move through life with the invincible knowing of a wise woman, the sensuous beauty of an enchantress and dance with the exuberant, charming spirit of your youth. The pulse to flow with eloquence and walk through the opulent gold doors that burst open suddenly as you hold a structure of clarity, coherence and sacred sovereign union with your heart, mind and womb.

To be poised at your throne of your embodied royalty, permanently. 

It may feel like a vast dream to fully and totally live from your gracefully stunning divine glory, seeing life and all beings through the lens of pure love while savoring a deeply wholesome and rich human experience, able to move with mystical depth and humility when the fiery cauldron of transformation beckons your spirit.

Yet, beloved sister, this is not only a vision but your burning core of truth compelling you to dare boldly. With the courage to open into your most sumptuous, luscious expression, living a life of extraordinary wealth, devoted, reverent and exhilarating relationships and radiant intimacy with the truth of who you are.

And if you are reading these words now it means your soul has guided you here because you are ripe to vanquish the shackles from your wings so you can embody your majestically lush blueprint of heaven on earth where your fountain of divinity drenches you in lavish freedom.

All that you long for and envision is at the altar of your magnificent glowing heart. For it is you who arrived here to be the great masterpiece of your own miraculous destiny.

It is in your dominion beloved Queen, and the journey of Royal Devotion is here to remind you of your boundless power, alchemize you to the jewels of your most rapturous, exotic, sensual emanation, free you into your pristine magnetism dripping with brilliance and guide you home… 

to your spirit eternal flames of passionate, uncanny, inexplicable, holy love. 

Imagine the Majesty of a Life where you…

Unveil the mysteries of your womb as you arrive home at luscious safety in your body, unlocking your root radiance

♦  Align with the rhythms of the earth to merge with your sensual blueprint, moving from spaces of friction to abiding in your sublime power

♦  Engage in somatic movement to enliven numb parts within you and deepen the capacity to thrive in pleasure

♦  Be the Enchantress of your world, opening into your royal nature of boundless love that liberates your oracle wisdom

♦  Relinquish energetic resistance patterns and limits of the mind to reveal the eternal knowing of your heart and body, liberating your spring of pristine potential

♦  Deepen into exquisite Self-honor and euphoric aliveness to unlock your fountain of wealth and thrive gracefully in all areas

Learn to trust yourself and manifest affluent money flow

Unearth your evocative reservoirs of genius, soul artistry, and sacred leadership

The Odyssey

1. Opening Ceremony - Womb Shamanism & Unlocking our magnificent Root Radiance

Embark on a voyage into ancient Shamanic arts to alchemize unconsciousness to the resplendence of your royal essence, while merging your inner, outer worlds to embody exalted states of consciousness.

Through the portal of the Womb, women are invited to adorn their emotions with love and establish sovereign dominion of their state.

While the soft flowering of our heart’s lotus allows us to see the world through the lens of love, intimacy with our womb’s brilliance guides us to unlock our raw power and magnificent Root Radiance.

In this portal, we journey through the wisdom of primordial womb lineages and shamanic tradition while providing space for somatic movement and questions.

Themes we will explore:

  • Genius coherency on a somatic and womb level
  • Shamanic rites of passage into our Sovereign Queendom within 
  • Being boundless and unleashing our authentic voice & expression
2. Embodied Empire

In this hypnotically vibrant realm of your manifest divinity, you’ll remove the veil permanently, cohere with your core of rhythmic rapture and experience unprecedented love, clarity, freedom and superabundance in every aspect of your life.

Themes we will explore:

  • Open into oneness with your supreme nature, legacy of brilliance and boundless freedom 
  • Embody your voluptuous garden of paradise within, amplifying your sphere of sacred magnetism 
  • Master your divine Self view of reality, perceiving yourself, others and the world through the lens of love 
  • Deepen into sovereign wholeness, blissful fulfillment and erotic aliveness in the graceful currents of perfect order 


3. Somatic Embodiment Flow - Dance & Movement

A luxurious sequel of ancient breathing practices to harness your vital energy, followed by a sensual and activating journey of somatic movement and expression.

We dive deep into the exquisite sparkling ocean of somatic awareness, beyond the mind into the chalice of your holy body, opening to its supreme intelligence while allowing our heart to guide us into the raw inner spaces calling to be liberated to unleash the abundantly fertile life force that thrives in our wombs.

Themes we explore:

  • Moving with the elements
  • Unleashing the elixir of eternal life housed in your womb and impassioning your life
  • Ancient Taoist Breathing that supports mind, heart and womb unison
  • Moving beyond thought into the plush, sensuous embodiment of your royal essence 
4. Aligning to the cyclical Rhytms of the Earth and our natural Prosperity

In this portal, we connect with the inherent wisdom of our body and the earth.

As wisdom keepers, lineage holders, and mystically wise women, we have the keys to restoring the balance of heaven and earth within our organic blueprints.

By aligning our chalices to the medicine and intelligence of the Earth and our bodies, we open up to the abundance of life force and resources that are inherent to our being as part of the divine greater harmonic.

Themes we will explore:

  • Nourishing our cycle, moving in rhythmic resonance with the wisdom of the earth
  • Being an oracle of elemental wisdom
  • Relinquishing inorganic paradigms and ways of being to synergize with Earths Magic and our natural state of flow
5. Dragon Shakti Breath & Embodied Feminine Flow Led by Kaya Leigh

Dragon Shakti Breathwork is a transformative breath and movement practice designed to activate a woman’s primal ‘Dragon’ energies. In many ancient traditions, the feminine Serpent, or Dragon, was known as the great birther and sacred dissolver; an agent of alchemical transformation; an aspect derived from the Cosmic Womb, as an emanation of the infinite primordial power of Creation. In this experiential immersion, you will:


  • Meet, heal and integrate trauma in the womb space
  • Breathe life and energy into repressed emotions/aspects of self that are yearning to be met and expressed 
  • Explore your feminine range and depth and reclaim the throne of your body temple 
  • Reignite your primordial creative essence

  • Activate and unleash your unbounded Shakti Power

  • Tap into the deeper wisdom of your sacred womb portal 

Held by Guest Facilitator Kaya Leigh, founder, and director of Sacred Breath Academy.

6. Heart of Opulence

This portal is an invitation into your pristine, invincible heart to activate your holiest love, wisdom and powers within, embody the majesty of your immortal radiance and thrive as the divine artisan awake.

We’ll embark on an odyssey into your deep heart of ecstasy and mystical genius where you’ll arrive home at your most richly fulfilling eternal now moment – blooming with liquid elegance, unfolding your destiny forward. Zero resistance, magnetic power flow.

Themes we will explore:

  • Unveil your royal opus of relational mastery, deepening into radiant intimacy and sacred marriage with the heart of the world
  • Align your most rich, vibrant, wholesome relationships, divine union and legendary destiny in this lifetime 
  • Experience exponential opulence that comes to you elegantly as you savor your exquisite romance with life, here and now


7. Venusian Cacao Self-Romance Ritual

Sacred sensual Cacao Ceremony and embodiment Ritual to soften the body and heart and integrate on a somatic level.

8. Closing Ceremony -Royal Oneness: Entrancing the Spirit of the World

In these stunning corridors, we go on a sojourn into a mystically enchanted realm of royal oneness within where you’ll master the art and science of high magic, synergize with the god spark core in all beings and fashion extravagantly gorgeous realities in intimate lovership with your almighty power.

Themes we will explore:

  • Learn the ancient artistry and science of ceremonial magic for liberation of your sovereign will, absolute dominion and power of your divine mythology 
  • Be flourished lavishly and prosperously by love’s presence operating through all beings in your life experience 
  • Anchor into your throne of almighty, majestic Self certainty that frees you to live the extraordinary


What’s included?

  • 7 x weekly LIVE Workshops with Solara & Asherah, including Somatic Embodiment Rituals, Venusian Cacao Ceremony, and activating Teachings

  • 1 x LIVE Embodiment Workshop with word leading Guest Facilitator Kaya Leigh (sacredbreathacademy)

  • 8 x Daily short Embodiment Audios for you to practice throughout the Week


  • 2 x Recorded integration Meditations bridging Heaven and Earth within (with Asherah)


  • 33 x recorded liquid Gold Transmissions (with Solara)


  • Exquisite homework to integrate between the sessions


  • Telegram Temple for intimate communion, collaboration and celebration with your beloved sisters

    Combined 55 hours of guided embodiment practices, mastery teachings and tools to empower you with the knowledge to enter into the ocatve of our enlightened being.




Solara is a rare and deeply gifted oracle. My sessions with her were above and beyond what I had anticipated. Because I interview some of the most progressive transformational leaders for a living, I am exposed to extraordinary facilitators, channels and psychics from all around the world. During a period where I was experiencing immense internal shifts and in need of precise guidance, my intuitive wisdom led me to work with Solara, and I am so happy that I listened! Solara was able to go straight to the heart of what I was struggling with and provide crystal clear awareness that proved invaluable to my personal and business growth in the following weeks to come. Solara’s ability to see into the field and translate what I like to refer to as “quantum information” so that we can access our greatest genius and potential, is second to none!



It’s been big!  I’ve seen a big reduction in the inflammation in my body since working with Asherah. As Asherah predicted, every day has been filled with opportunities to maintain my new boundaries by showing up as my truest, most up-to-date self. It’s been really interesting to watch expectations rearrange in the people who are closest and especially my family… It’s been amazing because the new boundaries are just there. It’s not a back-and-forth conversation…it’s just watching the same people meet me at a new level of respect. I’m so grateful!



Solara is a powerful, high frequency seer and psychic healer. She works with incredibly clear, activated energies that ignite instant upgrades in your life and business. My standards are high around who I allow to touch my energetic field as my abilities and vibration are crucial to my service — Solara is the best out there! Her integrity is solid and she brings a strong sense of love and grounded, otherworldly magic into everything she does. She’s a soul sister in wealth consciousness and a pure channel who truly walks her talk!



“WOW! Working with Asherah transformed my life! For so long I had been searching for someone who could help me address certain layers of my pain in a gentle but direct way. Working with Asherah was JUST THAT for me. I was able to access years of pain and trauma, and to be able to face it all through grace and love. I feel like my voice has fully activated and my feminine energy has been unleashed. I feel renewed and truly free in my sensual nature, sexy and fierce! Asherah is an amazing guide, healer, coach, mentor and beloved sister. Whoever you are today, JUST DO IT. I highly recommend Asherah and her work. She’s phenomenal at what she does and I’m so blessed to have worked with her. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” 

Royal Devotion

Embark on an  8-week breathtaking odyssey for you to
unearth your wombs Sovereignty,
liberate into sacred wealth,
and enter into Magical Mastery to
co-create your most exquisite Divine Destiny.

We begin September 25th 2023

5.000 USD

Your Facilitators

Asherah Miriam Rose

is a Mystic Womb arts and Somatic Embodiment Mentor and designer of an organic Clothing Line. Her work empowers heart-centered women to lead an enchanted life of Earth connection, prosperity, and sacred sovereignty.

For almost a decade she has been active in transforming women’s relationships to their feminine strength and stability, supporting them to return to their Sacred Self through tools like nervous system regulation, shamanic timeline & lineage healing, and emotional release.

Her exploration led to working and facilitating master plant medicines from the world’s native tribes, integral to yogic practices, somatic therapy, and rites of passage through the feminine mystic lineages and womb awakening.

 Asherah offers private online mentoring and group programs that provide a potent blend of multi-dimensional and Earth-based practices you’ll love to integrate into your personal arsenal of healing tools.

Solara Rose

is liquid radiance in human form. She has the rare ability to enter whip-smart, spiritually adept and high-achieving magical people into reaching life-altering levels that even they were unable to fully envision as possible for themselves — or believe themselves capable of. One timeless, immaculate moment in Solara’s field inevitably leads to the most extraordinary, luxurious thing an individual can experience in a lifetime: Divine Identity Mastery within a brave, brand New World all of their own making.

Solara’s clients step away from her miracle matrix fully expressed in Genius, dripping in success, exquisitely powered to share their beauty, brilliance and gifts with the world.

Guest Facilitators


Kaya Leigh

is a Master Breathwork Practitioner, International Speaker, Teacher and Trainer, Conscious Feminine CEO, Womb Awakening Practitioner, and Embodied Leadership Initiator, alongside a Multi-Modality Creatrix and WisdomKeeper across many spiritual traditions and healing art forms. Visionary, wisdom-keeper, artist, teacher, guide, sister and friend, Kaya is a woman of many facets.


Kaya is the Founder and Director of Sacred Breath Academy, a trauma-informed, holistic Breathwork School, established within the Breathwork field for over 7 years, with more than 500 Sacred Breath Facilitators around the globe, on 6 continents, and over 45 countries. She has also created a Sacred Feminine Mystery School, a living library of feminine mysteries and wisdom teachings. Kaya’s core breathwork modality, The Sacred Breath Method™ takes a holistic, spacious, trauma-informed, and feminine approach to breathwork journeying, which allows for a greater depth of somatic safety, nervous system coherence, and emotional unwinding.

IG: @sacredbreathacademy

Royal Devotion

An odyssey into the ravishing field beyond dreams

A sumptuous tapestry of sensory delights



Depth Levity

A marvelous display of diversity and simplicity

Ornate genius and comprehensiveness

Where two are gathered, all will be presenced

As the eternal heartbeat of love

The living mastery of organic wisdom

Deliciousness and delicacies

For your soma and soul

Meet us upon your royal throne

Silken robes bejeweled with the vast particularities and curiosities of your spirit

Let your Self fly free

Root deep nd swim wide

A golden opus for the cauldron of your being to relish

And flourish as boundless bliss and prosperity

An exquisite marriage of your heavenly majesty and earthly eloquence
conducting sonnets of destiny from your instrument

Euphorically liberated in your enlightened power

Sculpting your holy grail legend of brilliance

An erotic orchestra of your divinity poised in excellence

Your home to be adorned and refreshed by celebration, artistry, communion, and pure companionship

Welcome to our elysium ballroom!