“It is a universal law that our external findings mirror our inner development”
 – Gene Key 55 (Freedom)

Quan Yin has been showing up lately

Her message of Nature’s grace.

Trust and surrender.

Organic flow.

To take action when all is ripe.

Like picking a fruit from a tree

Or action at the time of first blossom.

The wisdom here

is all about romancing Freedom.

We have to romance it

we can’t rush headlong at it like a battering ram

Freedom is a feminine spirit

What woman wants that, I ask?

The feminine has to be courted, serenaded, romanced. 

The mystery has to be followed through to its conclusion,

wherever she leads us,

whatever bizarre pathways she draws us down.

We only find Freedom from following our nature.

There are no shortcuts 

All human beings will eventually realise the state of inner Freedom.

It’s about allowing ourself simply to be the way we are 

and if that changes

let it change

and if it doesn’t

let it not change.

We can just be the way nature intended us to be!

That is Freedom

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tzu 

I bow at thy lotus feet Quan Yin.

– edited words from gene key 55, the Siddhi of Freedom.


Namaste Rose Hearts

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