I was sitting in my hotel room, desperate to find an answer to what I did not understand. Although I was always very psychic and intuitive, at that time, I wasn’t capable of reading the messages that came to me clearly, nor could I distinguish between truth and falsehood because of my own hurt.

Within my despair, I bumped on an Article about someone called “Bentinho Massaro.” I read the whole thing, and then another, both written by a woman named Be Scofield. In that moment, I knew she would one day write an article about them.

I felt compelled to reach out to her and share what I had experienced. However, because of my own hurt at that time, I did not feel it was appropriate. Instead, I chose to focus on my healing journey, knowing that she would be guided to them when the time was ready.

Seven years later, after my heart had healed and I found peace and solace in my womb, here we are.

Spirit has guided her to unveil the truth about the Twin Ray Cult, read the full article by Be Scofield here: https://gurumag.com/inside-the-twinray-cult

**Personal Note**

Last year, I wrote a four-part saga called “Unveiling the Spell,” in which I shared my personal experience of liberating myself from spiritual dogma and a cult-like organization I used to be part of.  It was written without mentioning any names because I truly wrote it as a revelation and liberation for myself.

You can find the full 4 Part Saga on my Blog.

I thought that after that, I would be complete with sharing that part of my life.

But I was wrong. Spirit is calling me forth now more than ever to shed light on the severe impacts of spiritual cults, even though I personally feel complete with this story; it is in service to the people.

It is now time for the revelation of Love & Truth to guide us back home to the Gnosis within our being.

**From the Beginning**

When I met Akasha (aka Sananda) for the first time, I felt an unprecedented connection. The glowing hue around his being and his Cheshire Cat smile were only a reflection of the innocence of his beautiful heart.

Shortly after our first encounter at a meditation circle, we began meeting daily, sharing fascinating stories, and co-weaving an energetic vortex that was unlike anything I had experienced before.

I did not know what it was or what it would become; I only knew that I was grateful to have met such an incredible human and to experience this profound connection of love without an agenda.

After 12 days of continuous gathering, which truly felt like weeks, he kissed me. I accepted with full openness to whatever wanted to happen.

He revealed that he recognized me as his twin flame through the second flame that appeared around our heart chakras when we were together. He also shared that he had been calling in his twin flame shortly before we met, and here I was…

We became a couple and I moved in with him and the rest of the soul-family in Bali, before we moved to Ibiza into our own home.

From that moment on, it was always about the family and “the mission.” We did everything together, from travels to shared bank accounts.

Truth be told, it was Christof who brought Akasha into this type of work. He recognized him as an extremely gifted boy in his psychic abilities, charismatic and radiant in his aura, and Christof invited him to join the family and be part of his team.

Before joining Christof, Akasha was playing the yogi archetype living a very simple life. He grew up in Australia and had spend some time traveling in India (with his shoes on) before he met Christof at a plant medicine retreat in Peru. He did not travel the Earth Grids barefoot for years, neither did he spend extensive amounts in the Himalayas. But he was always up to tell a great story and would not let the Truth get in the way of that, as you shall find out…

While his personality started changing during our time with IDP, I still experienced him as a being with a great heart and great love. He continued to be that radiant soul that I first encountered, however, slowly but surely he added his little Leo crown on top of it, which was growing along with a subtle sense of superiority.

Christof always had big aspirations and visions, as he still does, and why not?

However, the issue was that those big aspirations mixed up with a massive need to be recognized and be “the special one.”

All this created the perfect combo for a spiritual elitist organization, hence the Institute of Divine Potential (IDP) was born.

“The Mission” was something only Christof and Akasha had the privilege of guiding. They would constantly receive guidance on global and galactic events that were exclusively downloaded to them as “the special ones” and no one else on the planet.

To be fair, a lot of the information they shared was taken from a platform called “The Ascension Glossary” and from science fiction movies we loved to watch, slightly modified into a new version.

The ideas they came up with were taken and then translated into online courses, retreats, and events that were “super important for people to attend to in order to receive their next DNA Galactivation.”

They also did private solo missions which were always about dismantling some evil agendas, them against us, and Christof and Akasha were the saviors and THE ONLY ONES that had access to the highest dimensions in order to complete this important work.

One time they worked on a very special mission, and when this mission was completed, Akasha said to Christof, “go into the backroom and open the box on my desk,” and within that box were two big blue diamond-looking crystals.

Those crystals were recognized as the Chintamani stones, and Akasha pretended that they had materialized there and that he had never seen them before.

A massive hype was created around these stones; they were “their special stones” that only they got and the only Chintamanis on planet earth, and we were not allowed to tell anyone as there were many people after those stones. (I mean seriously, does this sound like a sci-fi movie or what?)

On a personal level I never full resonated with all these “missions and downloads” I found them complicated and distracting from the Truth but I trotted along since I was his Beloved and back then I thought that I was not evolved enough yet to understand, gladly now I do.

After years of working and pumping up their egos with these stones, Akasha had a moment of weakness. He was going through a crisis and admitted to Christof that he had placed the stones there because he wanted for everyone to be on this magical journey together, and that he did it for us…

This was also at the end of the IDP journey, just before our breakup and the dissolution of the organization.

But it does not end here because, of course, we had to end it with a bang.

The bang was the first trip to Egypt because Akasha had received the download that a special event was coming, which was called “the Harmonic Convergence.”

Hilariously, prior to this download, Gabs, Akasha, and I were binge-watching the show “The Legend of Korra,” in which a Harmonic Convergence occurred.

After that, Akasha did his research on what a Harmonic Convergence was and learned that it was said to be an exceptional alignment of solar system planets that only happened every 10,000 years, the last one was on August 16-17, 1987.

He took that idea and prophesied that the next Harmonic Convergence would happen around August 16, 2017 (seems like we jumped timelines?).

No astrologer, no ancient tradition, no lightworker, and NO OTHER HUMAN spoke or ever heard about this particular event on this date.

It was only Akasha. And of course, then Christof. And of course, then everyone who were the special ones selected of the 50 people that would be allowed to join on the 5k plus retreat held in Egypt for this special event.

I’m not even going to go into everything that happened on that retreat.

All I can say is that I was going through massive personal processes which made me realize that Akasha and I could not be together anymore as it was not serving my evolution (I had not pierced through the veil of delusion and false light yet at that point), but luckily there was a higher force that was guiding me into the direction of Truth and I followed that as hard as it seemed.

We where still very much in love with each other, and so we decided to first take a break for 3 months. Before the break, we had an Elixir Ceremony. It was Akasha, the woman who made the Elixirs, and myself who partook in the Ceremony.

He was about to embark on a journey to co-facilitate a group in the Himalayas, and I saw him in pain and agony in the ceremony. He knew that we were breaking up, and it was not easy on either one of us.

As originally, we thought we would be together forever, we were even thinking about marriage. In that ceremony, he was purging, he had fear and terror armoring his heart and the grief that was held at the core of his being from the dissolution of the IDP and our breakup.

I tried to support him through the ceremony, but the armor was strong, and I told him that if he would not break through now, he would have to deal with it on his trip to the Himalayas. He got angry with me for saying this, but I was simply speaking what I saw as we shall find out shortly.

Before our departure from Ibiza, it was when I met Mia (aka Shekinah). A friend of mine had met her and introduced me to her online. I felt allured by her presence, not least because she had everything I wanted out of my own insecurities—the wording, the long blond hair, the perfect goddess look, the “ascended” feel. However, there was also a strange energy around her that I could not put my finger on.

I showed her to Akasha, and the first thing he said when he watched her video was “spiritual glamour” (he should have just listened to his own observation).

I did not care and still invited her over to visit us in Ibiza; I had to meet her.

Meeting her was the strangest experience; it was nothing like I thought it would be. We had a beautiful connection; she was lovely but also extremely full of herself.

The first moment I encountered her, she stepped out of her car stressed and frustrated because she had to wait over 1 hour to get her rental car. She noticed my surprised reaction about her state of being and instantly shifted into this other persona, putting her mask of perfection on.

She told me that she was a liberated and karma-free being and that she usually never tells that to anyone (this was on our first lunch).

She also continued to affirm that she was the divine mother, in fact, the only divine mother, higher than any other being. She said she is currently upgrading to another level that is even beyond the divine mother.

I mean, if I would have not heard this with my own ears, I would not believe that someone would actually say this. This certainly did not feel right to me. However, I was still too veiled by the false light delusion myself to see through layer of the mask she was putting on.

The time was coming for the family’s departure from Ibiza, and life was taking us in different directions. After many tears, hugs, and more tears, we went our separate ways, not knowing what would be next.

I left for Guatemala and continued to be in touch with Akasha and Mia. We were texting and calling regularly.

After he returned from his trip to the Himalayas where he originally was meant to be a co-facilitator, himself and others shared with me about his hardships that he experienced. He got extremely sick, and it was difficult for him to keep up; people had to support him. He was also crying in bed every night while no one was watching. It was one of the few times during our relationship where I witnessed him being vulnerable and truthful in his humanness.

It was a difficult time for us all, and especially for me and him, since we had a very strong bond. As it was coming closer to the time for him to travel to their next retreat in Egypt after being in India, unease came upon me.

I knew Mia was going, and I knew she kept calling in for her twin flame desperately. Her twin flame had to be liberated (like Akasha was claiming to be – as one of the only ones on the planet)

I believed for a long time he was liberated, it was quite big for me to realize that it was a delusion.

In fact, I felt very special to be with someone who was liberated, and I also joined the “pedestal movement” that the IDP had created for themselves. We were all feeling like we were the special ones. Of course, we would not say out loud that we are better than others, but we just had this very special mission that others did not understand, especially not the uninitiated ones.

So back to the second Egypt trip, it was knocking on the door and I was obviously not going. I viscerally remember the last phone call I had with Akasha before his trip to Egypt.

He said that he did not feel ready to go; he did not know who he was yet and what his path was, and that he still felt called to be with Babaji (his teacher in spirit). I asked why he was going. He said he didn’t know what else to do, and the money was good.

In that moment everything was about to change. He had not done his inner healing work; he had not healed from our breakup (it had only been 2 months), he had not faced his fear, his grief, his wounds. But of course, if one is claiming to be liberated, it is difficult to admit that there are wounds to look at. He basically was not in a clear emotional, spiritual, and mental state to be holding a retreat in Egypt.

But yet, he went. Because people expected him to be there as the Guru, and because the money was good.

In my heart, I knew I would lose him, and I did not sleep that night, waking up in agony over the fear of him and her coming together. I did not trust her. She had this serene, perfect mask she was holding, but I saw the deeper layers of the ambitious woman who goes for what she wants at any price.

And sure enough, she did. I did not hear from him for 1 week after the last phone call (we were speaking almost every day for the 2 months previously). No one from our IDP family told me, but I knew. He was with her.

And sure enough, around 2 weeks later, I received a voice message (yep, he was breaking up over voice message) saying that the Asherah and Akasha story was over and that he had no magnetic memory to me anymore as he had ascended to being Sananda, and he was with Mia, who is now Shekinah.

I also received a text message from her saying something similar, and including that once I had dissolved my ego and pierced through the veil of Maya, I would understand the importance of their Christed Union for the planet.

I felt fucked. I don’t think there is a more accurate word to describe it. Unworthy, stupid, less than… I also felt extremely angry. But I had mastered suppressing my anger and putting on the spiritual face in an excellent way (I mean, I learned from the greatest), so my response to myself was that they must be right, and I should understand and support them.

There were moments where I felt Kali knocking at my door, calling me out, activating my fire. I felt the rage, but I could not go with it. I was so deeply programmed that any emotion that is not light, soft, and perfectly loving is the EGO, and I did not want to be in the ego.

It was only until I moved to Glastonbury, where my soul sisters were living and the land was a strong ally for me, that I started to dive into my emotions and pierce through the veil of them and of the IDP. I started to see the menevolent beings that where moving through them, especially through her, and how he was slowly and surely getting sucked into it.

In hindsight, I can see now how she/ the entities plugged into his unhealed mother wound that was freshly opened through our separation. The cauldron of his unprocessed woundedness and lostness, mixed with the desire for fame and fortune, created the perfect entry point, and it worked. I don’t doubt that he was taken over by something (but it was certainly NOT of the Christ).

I felt compelled to contact him after my revelations in Glastonbury and to share what I saw; he used to always value my insights. However, back then, I knew he would not believe me. He was in the twilight zone, honeymoon, bliss; everything he had ever dreamed of was happening. It was not the time.

However, now, 6 years later, things are not looking as rosy anymore. I can see in his face that the light of his soul has been sucked out (You can see the diffrence in the Images yourself, it is insane how much he has aged in this short time). There is no joy and no celebration within his heart anymore. I can see in the energy field between them both that their relationship has turned more into a business deal than anything else. She holds resentment towards him because people want to hear him speak more than her, and there is a subtle competition rivalry going on between them, very well masked, of course. But energy never lies.

So here we are; it is 2024, the age of great change and revelation. The time of the Guru and the Messiah is long gone. People are awakening out of the spells, opening their eyes, and realizing for themselves that this is not the way.

And to the Followers of the Twin Cult:

I know exactly how it feels when reading what I or Be Scofield have written while being a follower. You feel like we don’t understand; we are only projecting our own woundings onto this story because we can’t see how amazing and special they are. You think that we simply have not reached that state of consciousness that your grouping is in, and that is why we don’t understand.

That if we would only spend time with them and also experience the bliss that you experience temporarily in the retreats or practices or meditations, we would understand. Because the bliss is real. I know it is, and it is beyond anything you have ever experienced before! And the healings and activations and tears that happen in those are also real because you experienced it. So, of course, everything else must be real. And this feeling of connection, of being understood, of having a tribe and a star family, and being with people that speak exactly your language is so special, and you feel like you finally belong. I know, love, I hear you, and it is so true.

And also, deep down, you know how much money and life energy you have invested into this, so if you pull out now, you will have to admit that it was all a lie.

It’s gonna be hard, so hard.

But what I can tell you from my heart to yours, having lived this deeper than probably anyone else, is that while this may feel like the most incredible thing ever, being your unique self beyond all the dogma and the conditions that are put upon you within this group feels way more incredible. And that even if you leave, you will not be alone. There will be a way waiting for you. Love will never abandon you; in fact, it will pull you closer.

There is so much I could say, but I will leave it here, as at the end of the day, it is everyone’s choice and everyone’s path.

Deeply in my heart, I feel for Akasha. He was such a beautiful being of light, and I will always carry him with love and respect in my heart, as well as the rest of the family. In fact we will always have a space and be here for you if you ever choose to make the extremely courageous move and wake up, I mean it.

However, the Truth must be shared, and I do so with great reverence for everything that I have learned within that constellation.

I pray for the revelation of Love and Truth.