return darkness

I am encountering an aspect within myself that was once forgotten. It is raw, it is wild, it is natural, it is dark. A return to darkness.

Not dark as evil or negative. Dark as the primordial power of Darkness. The potent pure Shakti energy. It arises within my entire being and streams out of all the pores of all my cells.
It is chaos, it is deep, it is real.

It is fierce, ready to slotter the illusion apart into pieces. Ready to cut sharply through all the veils, all the pretended stories. With a warrior scream of truth. From the deepest space of Love and righteousness for all of Creation.

In control, out of control, no idea what will happen as it overtakes my being with the most potency.
Its the Dark Mother of the Soils of Earth, Womb of life re-awakening.

This raw aspect has been slumbering within me all along. Interestingly as I deepened on the spiritual path was it suppressed out of the illusion of the spiritual glamour within myself.

Thinking that I had to be a certain way in order to be „more spiritual“. Thinking I had to always be and show light and love and thinking that spirituality is about light and love.

But it is not only that.

It is about Truth.

Truth with everything. Chaos, Order, Light, Dark. Everything needs to be embraced. Everything needs to be held and opened up to. It is crazy chaotic freedom.

Almost everyone has some sort of story. Some sort of persona that everyone tries to be. Some sort of message to spread and some sort of teachings to offer.

Trying to get out there, to be the One. Including myself, of course.

Trying to bring forth the light, the enlightenment.

But what is about the Darkness? what is about all those aspects that we are hiding, that we do not want to show to others?

These are aspects that need to be freed. Aspects of which are yearning for love. yes, indeed these are the aspects that need to be brought to the light returned from the darkness.

And it can happen in the most creative way of expression. It can be dance, it can be writing, it can be screaming in the forest. Allow yourself to be yourself in the wilderness.

There is no set path to be spiritual. There is no set way of doing anything. Life cannot be planned. It is unpredictable.

What is everybody seeking? more light? more spirituality? more teachings?
where are we going to go with that?

It is here. Now.

You are it.

Go IN.

Go into your deepest self of darkness and allow it to birth through you. Return to the Darkness, the Void of the Mother. Allow yourself to be yourself. FREE. It does not matter what the others say. It does not matter what others think.

You are a unique expression of Life. Nobody will be like you, ever, so don’t try to be like someone else, no matter how amazing they seem. Because what you carry as your unique self is so much more amazing, it is the medicine for all.

Don’t give your power away.

This is the pure and raw freedom of Uniqueness.

Its the Mother Kali that destroys everything that keeps you in a golden cage of reaching out, of perfection.

I have to say one thing. I really don’t know anything. I have no idea. And I’m definitely not perfect. I have not even arrived anywhere. I’m in the middle of the road somewhere all along.

And I might even be wrong. I’m not trying to be right here.

All I know is that it feels right, it feels good, it feels Free.

It feels liberating of all the masks and the stories. And I am so freaking grateful to allow myself to experience this.
All that we tell ourselves to be, that we desire, that we think we need in order to move forth.

But Really… it is all just stories…It is all here. Now. At this very moment, second. Just Stop.

And breathe.. the fresh air, get entangled with the trees, roll through a field. Like a child, prior to its conditioning.

So much conditioning we get to be perfect in a certain way. From our school to have the best grades, then from our Jobs to be the best worker, from our parents to fit into the family system and even from all the spiritual new age scene to be always loving, sweet, divine, and look perfect on Facebook.

Each and every being has the opportunity to encounter the dark space of truth within and to allow the chaos to birth through life.

Life is chaos. Life is unpredictable.

We believe we know something and life comes and shows that we don’t know anything.

We believe we are someone and life comes and turns everything upside down.

That is the divine play of Lila. It is not always cotton candy.

Its the raw mud that we can throw ourselves into and roll through and dance. Naked. Authentic. Wild. With all that She gives.

That’s all. Enough of hypocrisy. Enough of looking pretty.
Why not make the best of your life and just be your raw and authentic, free self as you are?
And walk the authentic Way. But don’t listen to me, just try it yourself.
All of this is just a big playground for us to play as free children of the Divine Mother.

Sekhmet, Maat, Ma Kali, Black Madonna all the great Mothers representing these raw aspects of the Divine Mother. In her fullest Power of Truth.

She is not only light and bliss and beauty. She is in every aspect of creation.

Yes. Bring it forth Mother. We are ready, bring it Forth.

Namaste Rose Hearts

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