Life-Changing Experiences & Initiations

Asherah has been walking the land, leylines & sacred sites  for over a decade and Gabriel has been in deep immersion with powerful vortexes around the world. There they have received the mystic wisdom of ancient masters, of cosmic beings, and of the sacred land itself. Now is it time for them to share this Medicine & Wisdom together – with all of life. As it is our inherent birthright to invoke the divinity within each one of us.

Every retreat is a unique blend of the mystical elements of each culture, the sacred energy field that Asherah & Gabriel emanate, and the keys of evolution that they share.

April 2021

What people say

“A Realm of true transformation”

The level of growth I experienced during the Retreat with Asherah & Gabriel was profound. I was guided through my fears with loving support, surrounded by new friends I now consider family and experienced authentic healing: emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. This program felt extremely well balanced and also gave me plenty of time and space to myself. Also very important was the strength of the coaching I received. Lovingly but firmly guided me outside of my comfort zone and into the realm where true transformation could occur. Thank you Gabriel & Asherah

– Dylan, California USA

“rebirth into my highest vibrational potential”

Gabriel & Asherah Love and gratitude from my entire being for the most powerful, transformative experience of my life. I have healed my past present and future and have learned new tools to carry me forward living my highest vibrational potential.

– Chris Hoops, California USA/ Costa Rica

“The best experience I have ever had”

I am forever grateful for this Journey. Gabriel & Asherah worked so divinely together facilitating our group through our processes. The healing & love I have received from this experience is beyond anything I could have asked for. I am excited to integrate my new template into my life when I get home. This is the best experience I have ever had!

– Dana, Utah USA

“infinite gratitude”

Infinite gratitude, for the infinite joy and connection to divine love I experienced here in this Retreat. Gabriel & Asherah are truly gifted facilitators who can take you all the way on your journey to knowing your highest expression of self. Thank you. 
I love you all eternally. 

– Isis Melchizedek, Costa Rica