The love that is neutral and has no gender. The love that unites rather than divides. The love that does not turn into hate through disagreement. The love that is not romantic, not depends on someone else yet entails everyone else.

The simplicity of love that dwells within our inner being. It is there, always.

Can you hear it calling? Can you feel it breathing? Can you feel its soft embrace?

The awareness pointed inward, witnessing all that is. So simple it is, so much peace does it bring, living in the chamber of our sacred heart.

Yet the torn mind – oh dear one. How it always tries to understand, to figure out, to know, and solve the riddle of existence. How it is thrown apart by dark and light,by love and hate, by good and evil.

Dear mind have you forgotten your position in the play of life?

If you would only remember that the heart is the ruler and you but a simple servant. That you are here to bring solutions in the moment, brilliant ideas yet not to create stories of tomorrow from the sorrows of yesterday.

Now can we make that simple finding? Of returning to who we are and how we are destined to be?

To rest in the simplicity of Love.

Namaste Rose Hearts

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