As we ascend into higher vibrations and new levels of consciousness do we release the illusion of separation.

We come into a new awareness about a unified field that is all around us and within us – unifying everything and everyone. Thus may not everybody be in that awareness and therefore will we resonate more with some people and less with others.

The ones that have realized the unified field that interconnects all will become part of the pod consciousness. This is a consciousness field that operates outside of the time-space matrix, outside of the ordinary way of thinking and behaving.

We can witness the pod consciousness in dolphins, whales, bees, ants, birds. They all work together to co-create a greater whole that serves not only the individual but the whole pod equally.

Here do we ascend the twin flame/twin ray template. As the true twin flame is the inner merging of the masculine and feminine. When this is done do we rise into the unified field, 5th dimension, unity consciousness, love frequency… however we want to call it.

This is where we birth into the Pod flame template.

The pod flame is the unification of various beings that have done the inner work until a certain degree and are ready to be together in harmony, love, joy, playfulness, and openness. At the same time as well allowing to receive the reflections from other beloveds of the pod flame coming from a space of love and offering substantial growth.

There are no more big dramas or massive shadow pieces to purge and transmute and through the unified field of the pod flame are all vibrations reset into neutrality and love almost instantly.

The difference between that and the twin flame/twin ray is that in the twin flame template are only two that are the reflections of another, those both can trigger each other shadows without being able to get out of it or separate themselves into isolation as many couples do and lose their sovereignty through that.

Within the pod flame can a couple flourish on deeper levels as the unified field of love that is held by other pod flame beloveds will assist to shift shadow frequencies rapidly and furthermore does it bring more reflections, variety, and an overall more powerful field of love because everyone works together.

In the pod flame is no one better or higher, some beings might be more evolved on a spiritual level and play therefore different roles, but everyone is equally important, equally honored and acknowledged as a being of the same One Light that streams through us all.

The Pod Flame is the new way on how to rise into the New Earth, co-creating, co-manifesting, co-living, and co-loving life and the wondrous gifts of existence.

It is the way on how we use to live eons ago in the mystery schools, as Cathars and Essenes, in tribal cultures, and as well in the sisterhood of the red tent.

Now, are we bringing the Pod Flame consciousness back and birthing it here on earth.

If you feel ready to move into the next step of your evolution can you start to call in your pod flame.

Yet remember that a certain degree of inner work is crucial, as the ego concept is going to be dissolved within the pod flame and if one is not ready for that one might project their shadow out and run away.

Our new 6-week online course will be released very soon which is a powerful tool to assist you in doing deep inner work, keeping your vibration high and calling in your pod flame.

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We love We as the Pod Flame Family


Namaste Rose Hearts

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