Our vision

In current times, where most of the world lives in destruction have we arrived at the end of the Egos Age.
A New Dawn is upon us – A time of Unity and the return to Love.
But first, must we undergo the great rebirth together as a collective.
Our Vision is to serve the divine plan, to rise together & co-create the Golden Age that is upon us.

Our Mission

The School of Rose Mystics is a modern mystery school bringing ancient mystic temple arts and sacred practices in a fresh and innovative way through inspiring practices and evolutionary tools for the return to the love of all sentient life and the co-creation of a New Earth.

Our Mission is to provide a safe container of love and the necessary tools for all beloveds to rebirth into the Golden Age.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

― Rumi

The 4 Pillars 

of the School of Rose Mystics



At the School of Rose Mystics do we offer simple, practical, and mystic teachings to introduce into your day to day life.

If new or advanced on the spiritual path – the School provides a wide range of educational material to accelerate your growth.



Through heart centred guidance, empowerment and the emanation of love do we aspire for deep healing experiences to manifest for individuals and the collective.

Within the elevated space of the Rose that is created in all our offerings can transformation unfold.

Awakening & Illumination


Illumination & Awakening are spontaneous events that bring new ways of perceiving and living life. 

Through our sessions, retreats and sacred pilgrimages do illumination & Awakening happens. Here do we co-create together with the divine.



An important aspect of your journey on the spiritual path is to integrate the practices and teachings into your day to day life.

At the School of Rose Mystics do we share practical tools and inspirations to assist the integration of healing, awakening & illumination.

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