Divine Mother

I will never be able to love all beings. There is too much anger in my heart towards the patriarchal destruction. Too much resistance towards the ignorance, too much judgment towards that which I perceive as intolerant.
Yet- you can love all beings through me. As I surrender all these opinions, perceptions towards you cosmic mother great one, you the one who is oh so much wiser than me. You the one who can guide me and show me the way towards neutrality, towards acceptance towards the dimension that goes beyond thought in separation.
Therefore do I surrender this vessel to you, for you to now inhabit it and love all beings through me, as you asked.
Forgive the little human self, that one that pretends to be someone through the story of the past and the worry of tomorrow.

Allow those paintings of perceptions to dissolve onto the black canvas of tour cosmic womb.
I seek you – mother in meekness and ask for your mercy, for your grace to be bestowed upon this one, and walk with you, forever as One.


Namaste Rose Hearts

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