Nature is our teacher. Life is our teacher. But the question is – can we listen to what they have to say to us?
Can we become so still to receive the subtle messages of Mother Nature?
Can we be clear enough and look past our conditioning to actually understand what it is that life is showing us?
Which direction we are meant to take?
Or is it our filter, our subtle will and desire to control that is still channelling through, distorting the messages?

Our opinions, ideas, thoughts based upon past experiences that create repelling (fear) or magnetising ( desire) to a certain outcome that is wanting to be shown to us by life.

Only if we have come to a space of presence and listing within ourselves, deep enough to accept that something is meant to be even though if it may seem like it’s not what we want it to be can we truly receive the teachings that life is offering us, in a way of grace rather than suffering.

Our 1:1 sessions are dedicated to assisting you in aligning with your higher guidance and attuning with the truth of your heart.
This happens naturally by releasing old beliefs and programs that keep one stuck in the limited self of the ego.

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Namaste Modern Mystic

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