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Guided Meditations

Activate the Rose Heart Meditation

This guided meditation is a transmission to activate the Rose Heart through the power of forgiveness. When the Rose Heart is activated you will experience a deep connection to the elevated feeling of Love – the truth of what you are.


Womb Rose Transmission Meditation

The Rose-Womb Ritual is a beautiful way to open the frequency and essence of the rose within your womb. This Ritual allows healing and a softening of the womb to occur, bringing in a sense of safety and groundedness as well as nurturing and loving energy.


Return to the Womb Meditation

This guided meditation is a journey of returning into the primordial womb, the creatrix of all of life, and to rebirth through her into your divine nature.


Sacred Heart Violet Flame

A journey into the Sacred Heart – magnetized by the power of Violet Flame. Listen with Headphones for full immersion.


Celestial Rose Meditation

This guided meditation is an inner journey that is going to take you into the center of the rose and to the encounter with your divine self.


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