FREE Embodiment Class

Love’s Muse

Soften into the rhythm of your heart & co-create a flourishing life in devotion to Love


Asherah Miriam Rose & Solara Rose

 Monday 11 September 5:30pm CST | 7:30pm EDT | 4:30pm PDT
Tuesday 12 September 9:00am AECST | 12:30am BST

Live on Zoom

In this Free Embodiment class, you will discover  …

How to align with the natural rhythm of the earth and your being so that you can soften into giving and receiving love as your natural state of being

How to enchant your world and sculpt an extraordinary life in which you feel held, nourished, and thriving

Powerful & precise wisdom to elevate your present moment experience into one of grace, tranquility, and lush union as you become loves muse 

We’re deeply honored to have you with us in our spectacular sanctuary!

The Experience:

  • Gentle somatic movement to guide you into your body and heart


  • Exquisite guidance from Solara & Asherah bringing in practical and mystical wisdom


  • Energy and Sound Transmission to luxuriate in the frequency of love and integrate the experience on a cellular level

Your Facilitators

Asherah Miriam Rose

is a Mystic Womb arts and Somatic Embodiment Mentor and designer of an organic Clothing Line. Her work empowers heart-centered women to lead an enchanted life of Earth connection, prosperity, and sacred sovereignty.

For almost a decade she has been active in transforming women’s relationships to their feminine strength and stability, supporting them to return to their Sacred Self through tools like nervous system regulation, shamanic timeline & lineage healing, and emotional release.

Her exploration led to working and facilitating master plant medicines from the world’s native tribes, integral to yogic practices, somatic therapy, and rites of passage through the feminine mystic lineages and womb awakening.

 Asherah offers private online mentoring and group programs that provide a potent blend of multi-dimensional and Earth-based practices you’ll love to integrate into your personal arsenal of healing tools.

Solara Rose

is liquid radiance in human form. She has the rare ability to enter whip-smart, spiritually adept and high-achieving magical people into reaching life-altering levels that even they were unable to fully envision as possible for themselves — or believe themselves capable of. One timeless, immaculate moment in Solara’s field inevitably leads to the most extraordinary, luxurious thing an individual can experience in a lifetime: Divine Identity Mastery within a brave, brand New World all of their own making.

Solara’s clients step away from her miracle matrix fully expressed in Genius, dripping in success, exquisitely powered to share their beauty, brilliance and gifts with the world.